1. thanks for letting me know. He changes his link practically everyday -__-

      • soooo… How do I delete comments? new here obviously -__-

        • goddamnit.

          • is that really necessary? I thought you were joking around the first time. Seriously, your* cuss words are wearing me down fast. LOOK AT ME, I’m ABOUT TO CRY!!!!

  2. What’s up with “Freq” with the dead link: https://soundcloud.com/legitfreq Are you shitting me right now?

      • all fixed! see? :D No need for any shitting =P

      • spry replied 4 years ago

        Freque/Freq whatever. its not like you guys sound anything like, but to be fair, Freque was first.

        • OHHHHH PAHAHAHAAA!!!!! Is that why this guy is upset? Cut me a break will ya? god, I wonder how many Thunder Fox’s are out there… doesn’t really phase me though. I searched freq on soundcloud and got over 500 results O_o
          Either way buddy (freque) I think its time to take a chill pill. I don’t care if you are king of Niochan, you have some…[Read more]

          • Imma wolf

          • I’ve never really thought about it before but it seems that your suggestion to being unoriginal and discourteous is to be blatantly apathetic and disrespectful. It’s certainly an opening gambit, I’ll give you that. I’ll make a note of it.

      • bubu replied 4 years ago

        there’s only one Freque for me, and that’s you man

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