I DREAM OF WIRES: Documentary

Shortlink: noichan.org/10497
April 2, 2013 in News

For those not strictly limited to the 8-bit, peeps may be interested in the upcoming documentary on modular synths. Scribble Media present the mentally unwell people who devote themselves a life of pursuing these expensive, yet genre and decade-defining sound generators, talking candidly to the camera. The documentary features powerhouses such as Trent Reznor and John Foxx, as well as plentiful shots of synth geekoids doing their best Rosemary from Hong Kong Phooey impression.

You can preorder now before April 30th.

  1. Yeah, we try to cater for stuff that isn’t just chiptune if it pervades. Electronics, Art, VG’s, all that jazz. :-D

  2. Woah, a little surprised to see this here! Excited now that it’s June, my blu-ray hardcore edition will be here so soon!

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