Power Player #35: Mr Wimmer

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May 17, 2013 in Power Player

Mr. Wimmer Chiptune

Photo By Andrew Gould


Power Player #35: Mr. Wimmer

We’re back into the swing of things. The latest Power Player is one of Kentucky’s own.

April’s realease by Mr. Wimmer, Once More Unto The Breach is as deeply croony, warbled, bittersweet and tragic as releases go. Especially as Wimmer’s voice arches between bitter and totally sweet. Tracks such as I’m Not That Kind Of Boy are creepy, melancholic bucket swing of blood on an aquatic underwater dance floor. There’s a kind of Gregorian chant on Possibility and a chiding I-told-you-so finger wagging melody of Blasted Field. The absolute stand out track is This Is Why We Can’t Have New Things where the whole release comes to a sort of heroic, screaming, upbeat fist punch in the air without sounding out of character to the rest of the tracks. This package is a suffocating saccharine saturation of reverb and the acoustics are the tears of a prom gone wrong. It’s not straight up chip of course, but it stands above other mixed instrument releases. We pull up a velvet pouffe and talk to the be-suited crooner. 

You have a certain, golden era sound and look to your performance. Who would you say you’re influenced by musically and stylistically? Go wild. I’ll give you three decades to choose from. 

I have a DEEP affinity for 20′s and 30′s jazz. Django Reinhardt being a personal favorite of mine. I will openly admit that as a younger guy, I did a lot of singing alone in my room along with Sam Cooke songs… And the Blood Brothers.

Some of the tracks have singing on and some don’t. What’s the reasoning behind this? They seem to alternate; was this planned?

Of the 3 songs without vocals, I honest to god planned to write lyrics to all of them, but when it came down to it, they just didn’t need them. They evoked the mood I was searching for without words, and shoehorning them in would have cheapened them a little bit I feel.

How did you get into Chip? It’s clear you’re already an accomplished guitarist.

I picked up guitar as a junior in high school, and was trying to make it as a folksy solo singer/guitarist, cause that was what I liked at the time. Then I saw Reformat the Planet (Cheesy I know, but I only speak the truth). I just LOVED all of the tonal qualities of chip music, It was the first time I really felt myself liking electronic music at all, so I grabbed an emulator and the demo version of LSDJ and set about figuring it out.

You rock a Gameboy Colour. What is this controversial decision to not use the DMG?

There was a brief stretch where I was forced into using a CGB because of doing some stupid damage to my DMG, But I have returned to the fold since then. Hunterquinn jokingly gives me crap for running it through reverb and delay though.

Mr. Wimmer - Once More Unto The Breach

If you had to fight for your right to party, what would be your weapon?

I always thought I’d look cool with a broadsword

You’re playing BRKfest 2013 – what songs from Once More Unto The Breach are you playing? Are you throwing some older tracks in there? What are you most looking forward to at the festival?

If I can get a nomad and an everdrive cart, It’s my intention to play the whole record. It falls just about the perfect length for it. If I don’t, a healthy dose of older songs and stuff no one’s heard yet will make an appearance.

The first BRK was such an undeniably positive experience that I’m just so happy for all of it really, so many amazing acts that I get to see is a great perk too.

The album has an overall theme. Is this part biographical or are you reviving the long last art of the musical storyteller?

I’ve done biographical stuff before, on my first releases, but my life isn’t interesting enough to keep that up for long, so I started making up other people, and telling their stories. I’m trying not to tell people exactly what the story I came up with is, so that they can find the story they want to see.

What do people not know about Mr. Wimmer?

I have Alice in Wonderland syndrome!

What does that mean?

It’s not as exciting as it seems, really. Basically when I’m very tired, or focused on something, my ability to perceive size goes out the window. I’ll be laying in bed, trying to go to sleep,and feel like I’m in a room in a dollhouse, or that I’ve all of the sudden gotten smaller. It’s happened to me a couple times while preforming as well, it’s odd, but I’m pretty used to it.

Kentucky is famous for inventing horses, bourbon, panning for gold and sticks painted silver. What’s your favourite cultural export from Kentucky?

Well, I am scared of horses, have no gold, and never heard of this stick painting business, so let’s go with bourbon and bluegrass.

What’s in the pipeline for Mr. Wimmer? What are you working on in the future?

I want to make a really jazzy EP at some point. So jazz it hurts. More genesis stuff, mostly cause FM just seems to make sense to my warped little mind. I want to get some hardware synths eventually, just cause they’re fun. I’ve got too many ideas really.

I described your release as having a sort of prom-like, underwater sound. What would be your spirit animal, under the sea?

Octopus, flat out. 8 arms to hold you tight.