LSDJ Showdown 2013 – Judging

June 3, 2013 in News

Hi guys, I just wanted to check in with you all, specifically those who submitted to the Showdown. Firstly, I want to say thank you for everyone who submitted and particularly, those who worked hard on their jams to showcase to us all. This kind of competition brings people together in a way that’s kind of impossible to verbalise. It allows everyone, internationally, to submit their jams and cut their chops. Egos are broken and inflated. Time stops. Panties are whetted and faces are melted.

Personally, it’s an absolute joy to be a part of it. What’s next? We listen to everything. It takes hours, by the way, We strip the submissions down and talk about them. Last year, I spent 5 hours back to back on this. Each judge has their own way of determining what they like and don’t like. We ask them to score so that an aggregate can be formed. We do this to avoid vote fixing. We select a group of different people to do this, specifically. We also do these at different times to each other, but please be patient. No news is good news.

Fairness is where it’s at. We don’t make rules to hinder people. We make them to try to enable a platform. I enjoy getting prizes together (thanks again to our sponsors) but I enjoy seeing people comment and rate the jams among themselves more. Once again, thanks so much to everyone who submitted and all those who stood on the sidelines showing encouragement.

    • Got some awesome tunes this year! GL to judges and musicians.

    • Indeed, quite epic this year. I don’t envy the judges for having to make decisions, I can just say I enjoyed every one ! =D
      And thanks again for putting this on.
      noichan rocks!

    • Regardless of how I do, I’d like to be a judge for the next showdown. Even though I’m nowhere near Noichan staff material I feel like I’d enjoy the showdown more looking in from the outside.

    • One thing i kinda didn’t liked about this year, there were some entry who already were done and recorded 2-3 months ago.
      In that case a month for submissions wouldn’t even be necessary if peeps could just throw in old stuff. But the month in my opinion is for people to create new and fresh tunes for the Showdown.

      Also when the results come in,…[Read more]

      • We staff members are already taking notes as to how we can improve next year’s competition, and many of your suggestions are ideas we are tossing around. ;) We just can’t change the conditions of the competition after it has already started.

        • Of course you can’t change it now, that’s also why i sayed it after the submission phase.
          But nice to hear you guys are already thinking about this.

      • I understand what you are saying. In my case, I’d like next year submissions to be sent via email. I entered songs already made a few months ago because the song I was intentionally making for this was also for an upcomming album. I didn’t want peopke to have that ’sneak peak’ yet :(

    • UPDATE: There was 79 downloadable submissions. The ones that weren’t downloadable (some of the soundcloud submissions) are automatically disqualified. On top of that, 12 more have been disqualified for being too large or not in the proper format. This leaves us with 67 valid entries, which is quite an impressive turnout. We are still working with…[Read more]

    • Doesn’t ”whetted” mean something like ”sharpened”?

    • Will the results be listed in a post like this, or on the forums?