• NIce article. Do you use a setup like this?

      • I am currently using LSDJ as a part of my actual Ableton setup, and I am still working on mapping LSDJ for controlling things in Traktor. Mapping in Traktor is a total dog and I’ve spent about 4 hours learning the ins and outs of MIDI controlling it. There will be lots more to follow ;)

    • Mine is done, but I haven’t had a chance to go pick it up from the guy… I’m excited! I plan on chaining my MIDI stuff so that I can send straight from the DAW, from my keyboard or from my MIDI guitar. I’ll try to make a video once I have something to show with it.

    • spry replied 4 years ago

      mr bitman does amazing work as usual!

    • @bubu needs to read this!

      • bubu replied 4 years ago

        this is huge help man. I had no idea about most of these :o o