Noichan @ BRKfest 2013 – some words

July 31, 2013 in Events

BRKfest 2012

Some desirables from last years BRKfest. Late night diners, man.

A little last year, I was talking with noichan owner and deviant Freque about going to Blip. For reasons unknown to me at now, it wasn’t something that I could do at the time, so I held off and looked at BRKfest: The gutsier-pipe-dream-invented-pitched-up gig by Curtis ‘Solarbear sux’ Ware enlisting go-getter Andrew ‘AndarewGould’ AndaruGO seemed like a more intimate affair, with half the roster being locals on noichan and featured on our releases or compilations.

so I picked up a ticket for my flight and packed a carry-on bag of essentials in my flat in South London and flew out to what would be an eye-opening experience. Chip musicians all have something in common. They chip. The rest is a loose rag tag of likes and dislikes, personality quirks and backgrounds. The one single defining thing: that we all like to make micromusic bonded us together and for those isolated in their niche musical taste in this genre, to be able to party hard and be excited about it, unabashed is a liberating feeling.

There’s something welcoming and humbling about the South that feels more honest than the North and so it’s a positive place and as good as any to hold a three day festival (expanded up from last years two night run) It’s gonna be hot, hot, hot and everyone is mad pumped. I’m looking forward to seeing both retiring from chip Starpilot, and my absolute favourite roof raisin’ Galaxy Wolf as well as dozens of musicians I’ve not touched base with. Or snorted bass off.

It’s hard to put into words exactly, but the sheer excitement and warmth generated by other chipsters is worth the entrance price alone. It’s not undecided: it is a fact. You will have an amazing unprecedented experience if you can get your shit together to be there in two days. I’m travelling 3000 miles to be there again this year, so I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you’re going, we look forward to seeing you there. If you’re not going, you have to ask yourself why you like being absent when the most unmissable party of the year is occurring in Kentucky.

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