Noichan: The end of Summer 2013 – new things

August 15, 2013 in Events, News

As the sun starts to set earlier, we look to less daylight, and more time indoors with introverted pursuits. With BRKfest behind us and an associated NC060 release, you may be wondering: what’s next noichan?

Lots and lots of things.

Firstly, we have a few new modders. You guys may already know that Jazz has been putting up his mods as well as disassemble series and his recent upload is a beautiful Blacklight responsive, Super Gameboy CPU.

Also, two new guys, Alley Beach has put together his own underclocking kit. Eagle-eyed shoppers will see we’ve reduced them from five dollars…to five dollars.

Last but not least, b_tech has some absolutely blinding mods that have flown off into the ether already. But of note, his regulated power adapters are amazing.

We’re really excited about the new additions and I’m personally pretty excited to finally get some hand painted mods up there in the shop.

The LSDJ Showdown 2013 was a real treat this year and with so many awesome products donated, there were plenty of prizes. To everyone involved, well done. It makes my heart swell with pride. The prizes are going out as I can personally bankroll.

Music: Hold onto your britches, we have some brilliant music about to drop in the next couple of days. Get excited. I promise good things.

The NC060 – The Orange Compilation is available in hard format and I will be making this available again soon. It’s free, but limited so I will be hosting a way of giving these out to the keenest people and the artists involved.

Lavender Town , our first noisechannel related live gig is this Saturday, in South London. I will be compering that and performing with my man Assad B.

We have a Power Player article coming up with Boaconstructor shortly.

Finally, we’re looking into a project temporarily titled ‘Flip B’ which we think is gonna blow your minds.