Happy Birthday MIDI!

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August 19, 2013 in News

MIDI turns 30. Enjoy this lovely 5 page article about it on The Register


Talk to me noichan. Talk to me about MIDI. How do you use it? What are your favourite memories of old school MIDI? Your disasters?

Me? I had a Yamaha QX21

Yamaha QX21

Plip plip plip, I have backed up all your lucious MIDI beta data!


Once I’d enjoyed making some brilliant beats (duh duh TUH! duh duh TUH!) if I wanted to make space for more songs, I would have to record the MIDI files to C60 tape meaning a stiff wind could have unravelled my plans as an industrial music master. Also, if the tape was used too much, it would stretch as household tape is one to do. Resulting in the songs you’d practicing being time stretched throughout. Try getting a drummer to play along to that.

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    • This was a fascinating read, great for anyone who wants to brush up on their MIDI familiarity.

    • great post!! i remember my first taste of midi was with a MIDI editor on my first pc – a win 95. when i first got into DAWs, i downloaded cakewalk and edited midi files of like.. linkin park covers haha. i had kazaa and tried to download cakewalk – messed up and got FLstudio 3. the rest is history..

      i never thought about it – but it was MIDI that…[Read more]

      • Ah, my favourite anecdote about Linkin Park is that a very nice sashimi restaurant right by my old flat had a kind of ’pan pipe moods’ CD of LP in repeat. So you could eat a nice piece of pink beef seared at the edges and listen to a kind of wind pipe version of ’Crawling’ – not unlike MIDI versions.

    • my favorite midi was from a djx2b that i circuit bent. it made random crap happen- to other devices it sent signal to… it fried. but i reflowed all the legs on the ic and it works again minus the mods now. maybe i will work on it again. i use thinner wire now so there wont be blobs of solder to melt. i will add a fan this time i think.