1. Sega Genesis, practically imposible to take the piss, FM synthesis when the instrument clips it goes pop’n'hissssssss, untis untis untis – makes me dance like Ian Curtis, shirtliss, like a Internet dating video im gunna jerk this – work this – comb my hair, smile & act rich.

    • Sega Genesis, Nintendo Nemesis. Blast processing FM-Possible limitless. Child Innocence, flooding your common sense.Nostalgic resonance, drawing you into this. Download our album, don’t say you won’t cause’ Genesis does, what Ninten-Don’t!


      • 1-2-3-4-5-16bits of raw production power, blow the dust out the cart and watch it scatter, when this volcano erupts no need to cower, just whip out your controller and blast on fools like rat-a-tat-tatter.

        these rhymes are tight, the screen be bright, 512 colors burned your retina – permininant slight “Sega” now you see the light.

  2. awesome post man, a pleasure to read.

  3. Hells yeah guys, keep up this kind of community content. I love the insider information and the enthusiasm. It’s true that a lot of Master System/Genesis/Game Gear music is not usually raved about, so

    I can never be sure whether I liked the original arcade music or the Genesis rendition. I remember when the game got released in Japan, but the carts were a different size, not actually region protected. I bought the Genesis version from a hobby store and was all like “wtf is a Genesis?” Anyway, without too much babble, I fucking love the hook on this track:

    I’ve actually considered recycling it before, in my old band, but seeing as Data East are no more, it couldn’t help to rip it and give props from the source.

    • I never looked into that soundtrack much before :) . Thanks for the inspiration. Glad you guys are digging this post :) .

    • Two Crude Dudes, what a game!. My brother bought me that back in 92. A very good soundtrack for it’s time too, nothing sounded quite like it. Best track for me would have to be from stage 1.

  4. Shhhh! My story is funnier! People don’t want the truth, they want mindless entertainment! Come on, let’s put a pirate song in the album! :P

  5. Just thought it would be wise to tell you that Dunderhead Jredd(glares) got my story of Will to Survive wrong. It was that it was a loop with a rock style to it, so i decided to make it a play on words and say “The Rock is Feeling Loopy” Those words also made for a funny idea: The Rock(Dwayne Johnson) is feeling a bit loopy due to reasons debatable.

    • Yeah, it was probably me who said it sounded like a wrestling theme. But it kinda does!

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