NC007: Jellica – Fomag EP

December 25, 2011 in NoiChan Release, Site News



Jellica has been called many things, but one thing he’s never been called is predictable. His style has been known to vary wildly, and seemingly without limit, and this release is no exception. While the vibe is consistant through the album, it can only be described as somewhere between doom and utopia. The movements are progressive, yet relaxing. The pieces are complex, yet come together to form an intuitive whole. This is NC007: Fomag EP. This is Jellica.

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Fomag 1 (3:43)
Size: 4303kb - Format: mp3 (vbr) - Frequency: 44100Hz - Channels: 2 (joint stereo)

Fomag 2 (5:11)
Size: 5788kb - Format: mp3 (vbr) - Frequency: 44100Hz - Channels: 2 (joint stereo)

Fomag 3 (4:23)
Size: 4876kb - Format: mp3 (vbr) - Frequency: 44100Hz - Channels: 2 (joint stereo)

3 Tracks - Length: 13:17

  1. thanks guys!xoxoxox

  2. Jellica has the right to children.

  3. Cool release. The first track reminds me of something that might show up on a mid-90′s Instinct Ambient Records release. Like Human Mesh Dance or something. Sounds freshly old school if that makes any sense.

  4. Whoa…this is not what I expected. I could totally just close my eyes and groove on these hypnotic pulses. Rad.

  5. this album doth twist & pulse in the most stupendous of ways

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