1. Problem with post processing a 1 bit track is that unless you’re rendering out each channel separately and mixing it later with separate FX chain (Reverb, EQ, compression, etc) it will most likely sound bad unless you’re very skilled at mastering. Best you can hope to do is notch out a few of the most annoying high band sounds; you don’t want to dip the entire high end on the overall track because it makes the percussion sound weak, and you don’t want to add the same amount of reverb to the entire track because an acceptable amount of reverb for a ‘snare’ sound is way too much for a lead synth usually.

  2. I’m late to the discussion, but I just wanted to comment that I found the one with extra production to have too much reverb, and maybe too much of a high freq. cut. (Or maybe the reverb cut the highs.)

    Reverb is one of those things most people use too much of–a little often goes a long way. Have you tried “light” mastering of a 1-bit track? i.e. light reverb that just gives the sound a hint of dimensional space, and a bit of bass/treble boost (like a “rock” preset on a stereo EQ). Might be worth a shot.

    • That’s a good idea, maybe I’ll just put a hint of something in there where it’s so slight you almost can’t tell but it adds a tiny extra something. I was considering that myself. Also that I like some tracks with a bit of effects and some without. So I might just end up with a mixed bag in the end. Thanks for the feedback, all of it helps :) ;

    • didnt read the rest of the comments here but this seems to be exactly what i was thinking. too much reverb makes it sound muddled. i would go with a bid of bass/mid boost but try and watch the high end.

  3. It’s settled then. I will include both with an emphasis on the clean ones and the post processed ones being the “Bonus Disk” Thanks for the feedback guys, it was very helpful. :)

  4. I like it pure much better. That’s part of why I didn’t master any of it on ON/OFF

  5. art’s done!

    • Cool, I didn’t know you were going to make me art! Thanks! Although I am not even sure what I would call the album. But I am sure I could easily slap a title on both. :)

  6. I would appreciate an EP with both versions. For me, it would be more appealing to have them wrapped together in one package than released separate, but perhaps with two different cover arts like frostbyte suggests. Raw and processed both have their up sides, and some days im in a raw mood and others i want it easy to listen to. Having both options would not only be fun, but i think it might be a unique way to highlight the low tech nature of the music. i dont think ive seen anyone else do something like that, but its a really good idea. looking forward to hearing how it turns out :)

  7. You can have one release page, and do like, two cover arts: one colored one way, the other colored another way (I offer to do both!) and clicking on one gives you processed, the other gives you pure!

    • sounds rad frosty

    • I really like this idea. The production jobs are usually fairly quick, and all the original files are with the tracker. So either one is easy to do. I think releasing both as a 2 disk set with different cover arts is a brilliant idea :) . Thanks guys, I think something like this will be a nice release idea for 2012!

  8. Personally, id prefer it cleaned up, but to be completely frank, people arent going to listen to 1 bit music for its great production, you know? it could be cool to see how much you can clean it up, but the majority of people are going to want it pure.

  9. 1. Pure, you know my feeling mister ^~

    Keep it raw,brutal and beeping …not smooth YUK

    • Lol, yes I know how you feel. I listened to your cubes album. I think you have an ear rape fetish :P . No but seriously, thanks.:). I might take up the idea to release 2 versions to please everyone…buy maybe that’s repetitive? Aw, hell if I know :) . Either way, at least a couple people seem for the idea of a 1 bit album in general which is encouraging :D .

      • to right im stoked to give that tracker a whirl, as for the dual Album idea I dont think its to out of the question – I guess with the cleaned version your just gunna have to work you fingers into bloody stumps to make it have a little variety ^_^

        either way I am looking forward to the release.

  10. If it’s not too much trouble for you to do, I suggest going with option 4, albeit slightly differently: instead of seamlessly blending them together, why not just release two versions of the song/album/EP? That way, people who want post-processing can enjoy the whole thing that way, and people who want it raw can do the same.

    I do have to agree that 1-bit music is a bit harsh by itself, but I think that’s part of the charm. Kind of like how tUnE-yArD’s first album is pretty lo-fi, but that’s why people like it.

    • That sounds closer to option 3 except I’d be spliting it up into 2 albums rather than a packaged deal. What if I made a “pure” disk and then disk 2 has some post processed ones, but yet you get like 2 little albums in one download? Would that be acceptable? Thanks for responding by the way. I know it’s a long read.

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