NC014: Vince Kaichan – Journey EP

March 17, 2012 in NoiChan Release, Site News



Vince Kaichan (formerly VCMG) is only 15 years old, and already better than you at most things. You should be ashamed of yourself. Journey EP delivers 7 smooth, relaxed, and well rounded tracks. Composed using LSDJ.


Magma Mountain (3:00)
Size: 7358kb - Format: mp3 (320kbps) - Frequency: 44100Hz - Channels: 2 (joint stereo)

Dream Flight (3:36)
Size: 8787kb - Format: mp3 (320kbps) - Frequency: 44100Hz - Channels: 2 (joint stereo)

Escape! (5:29)
Size: 13323kb - Format: mp3 (320kbps) - Frequency: 44100Hz - Channels: 2 (joint stereo)

Island Breeze (5:29)
Size: 13321kb - Format: mp3 (320kbps) - Frequency: 44100Hz - Channels: 2 (joint stereo)

Victory Flower Fields (4:28)
Size: 10874kb - Format: mp3 (320kbps) - Frequency: 44100Hz - Channels: 2 (joint stereo)

Comms Relay (5:03)
Size: 12292kb - Format: mp3 (320kbps) - Frequency: 44100Hz - Channels: 2 (joint stereo)

Farewell (4:08)
Size: 10097kb - Format: mp3 (320kbps) - Frequency: 44100Hz - Channels: 2 (joint stereo)

7 Tracks - Length: 31:13

  1. Yep, its Vin-fuckin’-cent. Dude, every track from you is a piece of cake!

  2. Fuckin love it! Ghettoblasting it right now!

  3. Excellent release! Keep it up! Escape! is “right up my alley!”

  4. the music is even better than the artwork! excellent release

  5. This is almost too good.just wow. Great work

  6. This whole album is amazing! Forever a fan of VCMG <3

  7. I feel so ashamed, after knowing Whitley is also only 15, that i suck so hard with 19 years old.

  8. You’re 15? Holy hell dude. I’ve always liked your music but had no idea you were that young. I also think your one of the most talented LSDJ users I have heard and now I know you are also one of the youngest? That’s awesome and terrifying at the same time :D . I’m going to listen to more of this album and plug it because more people should be listening to it. Fantastic!

    • You’re*

    • vcmg said: On March 18, 2012

      Oh no, I’m definitely not the most talented or the youngest LSDJ user. Whitely’s 15 as well and his programming and sound design is waaay better than mine. I’m just good at melodies.

      • Not the youngest. That might be me.

      • To be fair I said “One of the youngest” meaning there might be some as young or a little younger than you :P . Still, personally I think a good melody is more important than the programing. Though it’s a worth while skill to hone, all the good programing in the world doesn’t make up for a bad melody in my eyes. This is probably why I am not usually a fan of dubstep :P . That’s just my opinion though. Either way, awesome album.

  9. never heard farewell before, probably my fave so far. Great job VCMG.

  10. huge

  11. downloading this! the cover art looks so inviting =)

  12. Cool jelly beans! I don’t think I remember “Magma Mountain” to sound like this, haha. Have you altered it since it was up at 8bc? Maybe I’m just delusional. Wonderful nontheless. I also think there is a typo in the song name of “Commas Relay”?!

    • vcmg said: On March 17, 2012

      No, I haven’t changed Magma Mountain at all, haha. Must just be your mind. And Comms Relay isn’t a typo, Comms is an abbreviation for Communications.

  13. Cool name – cool EP, what did you expect?

  14. Beasting!!!

  15. went straight to download!

  16. spry said: On March 17, 2012

    im only through the first track, but this is already amazing. great job!

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