LSDJ and You: Episode 7 – Cheapshot’s Blip Bass

April 23, 2012 in LSDJ & You, Protips

Note: This week’s tutorial was written by guest artist Cheapshot, chip bass legend and creator of the ever-so-handy LSDJ Patch book app for iPhone.  

Wav channel blip bass tutorial

I’d like to cover a very specific sound that I have been using a lot in my latest tunes. It appears in a couple of the tracks on my new album [Streets of Bass], most notably ‘Shiran’. It is a blippy (ironic hey?) sound that only lasts an instant, made on the wave channel. So without further ado, lets get into the tutorial!

Step 1: Setting up a manual wavetable

Set the play style of a wave instrument to MANUAL and then draw in the shape below (covered in previous tutorials here).

Let’s see how this sounds. I set up a simple pattern like this:

Which sounds like:


Step 2: Using a table to create that ‘blip’ sound

OK, so we have our bassline set up nicely, now we are going to use a table to make it a very short blip sound that cuts off really fast. Quite simple to make: just add a table to the instrument, and input the following:

Now, you can go back to the pattern that we made and remove the ‘K’ commands, as they are not needed anymore.

The short, blippy bassline now sounds like this:


Which is OK, but there is a lot of space between notes now, so lets put a few higher pitched blips in there to bring out some more funk :D . Copy in the extra notes like this:

Which sounds like:

Step 3: Elongating the blip sound.

This is a final step to emphasize the lower frequencies of this blip instrument and to fill the pattern with a nice bass boost in a particular section. Copy the 00 instrument to a new instrument, and similarly create a new table based off the 00 table:

In this new table, add a H command with a value higher than the last 0C on the TSP line, but before the H command itself thus creating an infinite loop that will not repeat the first three entries to the table (which means the blip sound will not be retriggered).

The result is the sound below.


Well, as they say in Looney Tunes, “That’s all folks!”

You can check cheapshot out at,, and


  1. All these tutorials are excellent man, thankyou

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    just WOW

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