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September 27, 2012 in Events, Releases


8:30pm EST // 5:30pm PST // 12:30am GMT

The time has finally come.  My best friend for the past decade, hunterquinn– is releasing an album.  BUT WHAT IS THIS YOU SAY?!  NOT JUST ONE?!  HOLY CROTCH, it just so happens that HQ is going to be releasing a free album here on http://www.noisechannel.org as well as a full-length of entirely different material on his bandcamp/////////

To properly commemorate this amazing event we have taken it upon ourselves to amass some of our comrades-in-arms to broadcast via our Ustream accounts until we all are puking too hard to be of any use to anyone.

Let’s all put on our internet hats and come have a killer friday night with some of our favorite chip musicians <3 <3 <3


This webshow, like all webshows that we do– is free and open to the public.  Get in line, and start commenting because we need as many bodies as we can stack for this event//////

for easier access and to save ourselves some time in the future, please feel free to comment with your Ustream URL and I’ll be sure to append whatever changes occur to the original post//////



  1. so whos next??>>>>> post links!!!!!!

  2. Is this 8:30 EST?

  3. double release sounds f*cking sweet. A webshow along with it is f*cking baller, looking forward to both albums & the webshow, so that’s 3 things

  4. //////////soo EXCITE! <3

  5. woot woot!

  6. also:::: the show is FRIDAY///

  7. daaamn, son.

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