Release Round-up – Week 40 2012

October 6, 2012 in Review, Site News

Here’s a roundup of some of this week’s notable releases.  This is not an exhaustive list because maybe some of us are lazy and had a few beers and, you know, then it was time to grab a burger or whatever.  Someone was playing Minecraft, and, well…

If we missed your release, just send a member of noichan staff a PM and we’ll add it!

Chiptunes = Win Expansion Pack - Practically essential compilation from some amazing artists. J. Arthur Keenes Band, Disasterpeace, Electric Children, OxygenStar, and more.

Hunteruinn – Cyberchamp.  Densely layered, progressive LSDJ album.  As ferocious as it is brooding.

Hunterquinn – Cyberphanton.  The counterpart to Cyberchamp.  FinaLLY alone is worth the price.

The J. Arthur Keenes Band – Xinyue Yam and the Mystery Level OST.  New JAK Band. Dig it.

2PLAYER – Impossible Pixel OST.  The always-fantastic 2PLAYER follows up his excellent Infinity Force album with a fantastic OST.

Subterrestrial – Retro-Futurist.  Subterrestrial offers up the soundtrack to a game that never was. 16-bit-like.

Rokko Chan Extended Play EP.  Not sure why it’s called an EP, when it’s definitely album-length, but semantics aside, a great collection of artists making cool game music in the Mega Man style. Get it.

[edit] We’re going to do a release round-up every week.  If you’re putting out a release and want to be mentioned in the round-up, just shoot any noichan staff member a message.

  1. Thanks for this. I hope you continue these in the future.

      • I’m going to try and enlist the help of all the noichan staff members and do this every week. There are a lot of releases, so we can’t be exhaustive, but we can try our best.

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