Release Round-up – Week 41 2012

October 14, 2012 in Events, Site News


Shanebro – The Sky is Ours - Surprisingly heavy release from newcomer, Shanebro, released on noichan. The release opens with an awesome collab with the jazzmatical Bitman.

DarkNES by DarkNES- 24 track debut, created on the Famitracker. A slow, low, atmospheric romp across the Famicon with the right tempo for the season.

8 Bit Beastie – A Chipmusic Tribute - Is there anyone else, like me who can’t listen to any Beastie Boys music without feeling terribly sad? No? OK, then listen to these jams and tear up a little inside, in lo-fi.

Covox – Strike EP - Bleep Street need kudos for using the words “No need for complex breaks to bring a section to another, his tunes just flow in a straight line” – which is probably the most impressive way to say ‘straight up house’ Only three songs, but it’s 15 minutes of some smooth music. I bought it. I listened to it. I liked it. You should too.


cartRAGE: all Hallow’s Eve Edition - 27th October – Al’s Bar, Lexington, Kentucky, USA

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  1. Right on, I thought about taking a crack at writing some thoughts on some recent albums/songs. I think there can never be to many comments, shout outs, or reviews. I love stuff like this.

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