Release Round-up – Week 42 2012

October 21, 2012 in Review


8-BITchin’tendo – Little hero going to the bar - The improbably unstoppable 8-Bitchin puts another tasty meal on the table. When the table is laid, all may eat.

Jellica - One Thousand Two Hundred And Thirty Four - Four tracks of atmospheric space disco Sid music.  Tune in and space out man.

Chip Country – A Donkey Kong Country Tribute - It’s bananas!  It’ll really roll your barrels. This one really diddied it for me. Closing monkey related pun.

JuicePouch – Transients - JuicePouch’s debut is five tracks of expertly crafted LSDJ dance music with an overall chill vibe.  Supergroovy.  Don’t think, just download it.

Feryl – How to Heal a Broken Heart.  – Feryl breaks the norm in LSDJ and creates some cardboard box thumping beats, sharp snares and bittersweet melodies. From: I Really Do Care’s earnest to Trusts stuttering rapid fire kicks, the whole release is very uplifting, sad and grounding. Beautiful work.

If you want to put forward suggestions for the weekly roundup, we’ll be taking them in the forum here. 

  1. I got them all but I’ve only listened to JuicePouch so far, f’n stellar stuff so far.

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