Release Round-up: Week 44 2012

November 5, 2012 in Events, News, Releases


Cheap Dinosaurs Play Goblin – Cheap Dinosaurs cover Prog-Rock band Goblin (best known for scoring Dario Argento films.  It’s prog.  It’s Cheap Dinosaurs.  Just download it.

Toriena – Black Dance Hole - Japanese LSDJ dance freak Toriena’s post-Blip full-length.  Toriena is a top-notch LSDJ programmer and offers glitchy dance galore.

Dr. Treble – Why Am I Even Still Doing This - No question mark in the title here…. I guess it’s because the reason Dr Treble is still doing this is the blasty treble on opening track ‘Treble On The Streets’ which dips into eyeball shaking bass on DryOut is pretty hot stuff. There’s some wonderful upbeat drum and classic dub bass on ‘OP’ and the abrasive bass on this release is worth the time alone. I don’t know why he’s called Dr. Treble though. Maybe Dr. Tuff Bass was taken.

Breakbeat Heartbeat’s – 22:06 - New label, The Waveform Generators describe it: “The atmospheres and styles change constantly in ’22:06’, BBHB’s most varied work to date, one minute the four-to-the-floor euphoric splendour of ‘Send Me To Sleep’, the next the slow and soft touch of ‘The Skies I’, and then later the chipbreak mayhem of ‘Radio’. Impressively though, this release sounds cohesively strong, linking all the tracks with not style but instead the very distinct melodic stylings present within this music”

Single Tracks

Bitrock from Get ExcitedTravis Acrimonious

Tommy Fullerton is throwing us - Those magical girls and Death of a bro

Joseph Eidson – Hit ‘Em Where They Ain’t

Halloween related

Chip or Treat (V/A) – features Sp00ked, Andrew Kilpatrick, MyLifeIsPixels, Doomcloud, Downstate…..

Duatiga Attack! – Gimme Your Best Shot, Mr Vamp 

Dr. Treble again – Times have Changed, Elder Warlock

Is it too early for Christmas? Apparently not.

It’s Never Too Early for a Christmas Album, The Christmas Album


This weekend featured 12 hours of chiptune music on Clipstream. For every artist who opted to record their set, here is the link

Noichan are very proud to be a part of The Worldwide Chiptune Webshow (WWCW) – 40 artists. 4 days. More details coming soon.

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