Release Round-up: Week 47 2012

November 26, 2012 in Site News



4mat – Sans Titre A new release from the grandaddy of Chiptunes. Sans Titre, an album name so deliciously ironic you could serve it up for dinner,  sees signature 4mat lead lines, with one foot firmly placed in the past. The production is top notch and the sounds are just as retro as imaginable without dating. The titular track Sans Titre is an upbeat number and the feel is generally more cheerful than 4mat’s usual serious melancholy. There’s some funky sounds to be heard here and the track times vary strongly, depending. But then that’s the style we’re use to by now.

Kontollegruppe – Seltene Ertene – Noisechan’s own release. Seltene Ertene is a brooding, brutalist and minimal landscape that will take you through dark layered lows and bittersweet high lead lines with electronic percussion and bass speaker popping kicks and pulses.

Math The Band - Get Real – Manic screwball, bubblegum-punk from Math The Band. Mixing so bass-light, you think you’re listening to them on a tape, through a pipe, from the 1980′s – If that sounds like  a cuss, it isn’t. Especially when this guy Helen Love so much. You can get their LP, you know… a real LP on vinyl, which you should because vinyl is arguably better, so what the fuck ever, technological progress.

Starpilot – A Bed Of Barcodes Promo  - Release-mentalist, Starpilot gives you a selection of his live tracks for your titillation. I listened to most of these songs while the browser dictionary struggled with the word titillation.




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