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NoiChan Megazine – Issue #1

Shortlink: noichan.org/9195
December 13, 2012 in Review, Site News

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A drilldown of all the best content from NoiChan, with several original articles to accompany. If you’d like to contribute to future publications, please contact me. We will release these on a loose quarterly schedule, or at the speed that content becomes available. This particular issue is 220 pages of absolute insanity. Enjoy.


  1. Everyone’s a critic. But yeah, we’re definitely looking for more contributers for the next issue. As for the “paint” pictures, those are the dixpix from the old chatroom, as cited in “The Many Faces of Michael Television”. http://www.noisechannel.org/posted?s=exhibition
    Blame NoiChan. :p

      • How do I make a submission to the next issue?

        • Just send it to me, with pictures. The pictures don’t need to be original, but we prefer that they are, where possible. You can email it to me, post it to the newsfeed (with a note that it’s for the e-zine), or just private message it to me. Whatever works best for you.

    • P.S. The checkered backgrounds don’t print. This is also a lot easier to read on small screens if you switch to single page layout.

  2. I think the legibility would have been better if the magazine was black and white. It’s so much easier to make something professional looking when you take colour out of the mix (fade out the backgrounds, black bold text). That’d also be cool so we could print it out and keep copies (printing 200+ pages in colour is damn expensive).

    I agree that the paint pictures were a bit much, and the quality control was quite low (lots of formatting changes between different Power Player articles, typos, etc). I’d have rather had a 50-100 page magazine with every page filled with A-grade material, like that interview with the coder, some of the Power Players and the gaming articles.

    I’m really glad that this exists, but right now it sort of feels like one big in-joke rather than something that could appeal to anyone outside of these walls.

    With that said, I’d be happy to get involved and help to develop some interesting content. I’ve got some decent experience and I think I could add a lot of value to what you’ve started.

  3. Great reads, I think you made a good opening statement with this.

    The paint pics were a bit much.
    Legibility could be… better.

    But overall I enjoyed it, interesting and funny.

  4. awesome :O well done ! it must have taken a while to get this done!

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