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A journey.

Found false happiness.
Lost one self.
Got back up.
Keeps on moving up.

I’d like to give our many special thanks.
There are so many people that have helped me when I was in a very dark place. They reached out and said not to give up. And this album is proof of what you all have done for me. Shout outs to NoiseChannel for asking this to be my first release through them. Freque and MikeeTV are my bros. Thank you Curtis (Solarbear) for inviting me to BRKfest, and letting me experience some of the best days of my life. Thank you Anthony (nonfinite) for helping me get to BRKfest, and helping me with LSDJ. If it weren’t for you, I would have never gotten there. It was the best adventure ever. A very special thank you to my friend Emilie. For inspiring me and spending so much money just so I could get out to Kentucky to play BRKfest. And always, a shout out to Kloudygirl who has become one of my best friends and inspirations. Also thanks to Adam (Kuma) for being such a great friend and supporter. A shout out to ChipWIN and Hoodie, for letting me in on compilations, and donating when things got really rough. Thank you Max (Bitman) for being a close bro, and helping me with my Gameboys at BRKfest. A shout out to Jacob (joesomebody2) for promoting me through his amazing videos that you should all check out! And also helping me get into Anime Central. I also want to thank my friend Kevin for jamming out with me and helping me get to my Illinois/Indiana shows. Also hearing me out when things got really rough. And always, Casey (softRESET) for mastering my albums, and being an awesome friend. I could spend a whole day thanking so many people. All of you have really helped me become who I am today, and I’m forever grateful. Whether you donated, commented, or just said “hello”, all of you are saviors to me. I love and appreciate all of you.
I promise to keep creating, and showing you all what I make.



Buy it if you like it, on her bandcamp page!


iCARUS (3:09)
Size: 4772kb - Format: mp3 (vbr) - Frequency: 44100Hz - Channels: 2 (joint stereo)

Size: 3430kb - Format: mp3 (vbr) - Frequency: 44100Hz - Channels: 2 (joint stereo)

PEROGIE (2:48)
Size: 3700kb - Format: mp3 (vbr) - Frequency: 44100Hz - Channels: 2 (joint stereo)

archEGO (3:39)
Size: 5254kb - Format: mp3 (vbr) - Frequency: 44100Hz - Channels: 2 (joint stereo)

Size: 3906kb - Format: mp3 (vbr) - Frequency: 44100Hz - Channels: 2 (joint stereo)

Size: 5151kb - Format: mp3 (vbr) - Frequency: 44100Hz - Channels: 2 (joint stereo)

THANAstine (4:33)
Size: 5866kb - Format: mp3 (vbr) - Frequency: 44100Hz - Channels: 2 (joint stereo)

A Sunnyside Stroll (3:26)
Size: 4867kb - Format: mp3 (vbr) - Frequency: 44100Hz - Channels: 2 (joint stereo)

Size: 4271kb - Format: mp3 (vbr) - Frequency: 44100Hz - Channels: 2 (joint stereo)

SEEmanJONES (3:57)
Size: 5138kb - Format: mp3 (vbr) - Frequency: 44100Hz - Channels: 2 (joint stereo)

Stargazer (4:52)
Size: 6375kb - Format: mp3 (vbr) - Frequency: 44100Hz - Channels: 2 (joint stereo)

11 Tracks - Length: 38:15

  1. Greetings Ms. PANDAstar,

    Now these are some really nice gameboy tunes here! I like the fact that many of the tunes are happy and upbeat. Sounds like you really put some whole hearted effort into these.

    iCARUS, Sunnyside Stroll, and Trophosphere are among my favorites so far.

    It’s very melodic, intricate, soothing, festive at times, and just downright cute! It really brings out my human side… well as much one as an android can have :)

    Seriously, good job!

    Have a great day,

  2. I don’t remember how I found your music but I’m glad I did it.
    it’s really good to have you in the family Jordan.
    I remember rocking to your old songs, and now I just keep on rocking to the new album.
    I was / am having problems with my music, sometimes I’m wondering about chiptune, sometimes I feel like I’m just losing the real chip feels, but everytime I’m listening to your songs, they give me this OH YEAH CHIPTUNE feeling, thanks to you I’ve learned how to use the L and V commands in LSDJ.

    much love to you <3

  3. <3 pandas everywhere!!!!

  4. This album is amazing, for more than one reason or another. I’m sorry if this sounds sappy or whatnot, but thank you for this music. I started up this album at such a crap point in this present time and as I listened to it, it made it all go away. Thank you for this.

  5. <3 this pandaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaa

  6. >:3

  7. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  8. This is so good. A really unique voice in chip. (Protip: if you like it, you can donate on bandcamp. Good music deserves support!)

  9. First NoiChan release being on my birthday :3

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