Frostbyte’s Weekly: #2

July 9, 2011 in Review, User Submitted

Frostbyte’s Weekly Musical Review: Issue 2

Hey everyone, it’s Frostbyte once again for the second entry of my Weekly Music review. This week’s music was great, as always. I’m really glad this awesome community keeps dumping out these beautiful tracks for everyone’s ears to eat up nicely. Among this article, you’ll find detailed reasons why I find a few particular tracks especially interesting. Also, each week, I’ve decided to offer free mastering of one track for the writer of my favorite track in the week. And off we go!

Alright, so, juicepouch uploaded a track called “Trashy Hookers” this week. SO far, I really like it! It’s a demo right now, coming in at 1:40, but if this kid doesn’t push it out longer, I think I might just post a picture of a man crying. Because, it’s really good. The beginning sounded a little weird with the EQ, very trebely. However, as it went on, I think I got more used to the sound. I’d put a lot more bass/mid on it and probably compress it a teeny bit. The track takes a bit to develop into a nice drop, and there’s an odd part of it where it seems to put a hi-pass filter on the track. It seemed a bit out of place, but right after when it drops into this dirty, heavy hitting house-y beat, I can’t help but make the dat ass face. It’s really good after this point, and I’d love to see more developed melodies and a lot of variation come out of this. It’s a great track in it’s earlier stages!

Next up, we have cerealkilla’s track “Noise Takes the Stage”. This track is really awesome guys. It is literally flooded with creative use of the noise channel. Ha, noisechannel. Dot Org. Anyway, I really like how well it all worked together to make a very unique little tune. Surprisingly, it sounded very full and heavy. Not sure if that was the tracking or some post-processing, but either way, it sounded awesome! After a while, the beginning idea of the track completely goes away and it doesn’t have such awesome usage of the noise channel in it. The song structure needs work, it was pretty much just AB. However, that’s not really a bad thing! Take it as a compliment. It was really awesome, and I wanted to hear the A section again. Bringing back the original idea is a great awesome way to continue a track, and by golly, I want to hear this continued. Also, I must say: with my synaesthesia, this track looks really really really cool.

Jredd’s uploads this week…I have nothing to say. Go listen to them. They’re Jredd.

HOLY DEAR GOD. I’ve never heard a more fun track in my entire life than yes_pizza’s “oneinthesame”! Wow, this is put together so well! There’s a really really good sense of direction, it’s really bouncy and happy, oh my god, I haven’t smiled this hard since I gave my girlfriend the necklace I made her when she came back from a trip! This is truley an awesome track! The pitch bend transitions are brilliantly put together, and I want to listen to this over and over again. Congratulations mate, you’ve made my heart pound in time to your music. Great job here! The only thing I can see that could improve this is probably adding more calm parts to the track to really really bring out the bouncy sections, and of course, instrument variation as well :D That ending’s a bit abrupt. Try coming out with some straight chords and exiting with arpeggios or something…God, this track is so sweet.

Well, that pretty much wraps it up for the week. There was some really really good music I didn’t get to put on here, so I’ll put some honorable mentions on the bottom. Really great job guys, you make me proud to be a part of this community! Keep writing, fellas!

1. yes_pizza – “oneinthesame”
2. Jredd – “Volt City” / “Select Your Fighter”
3. juicepouch – “Trashy Hookers”
4. cerealkilla – “Noise Takes the Stage”

Honorable Mentions:

vcmg – pl0x+w3rt=pl0xw3rt plzz

musho – I Wish (inf. mushroom remix)

yardotsongs – Sorry I Forgot Your Birthday

deepearthvoid – Honey-01

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Frostbyte’s Weekly: #1

July 1, 2011 in Review, User Submitted

Frostbyte’s Weekly Musical Review: Issue 1

Hi everyone, this is Frostbyte here for my first of my weekly music reviews.

Today I logged on to check out some private messages of mine, but ran across some tracks by starpilot. They really stuck out to me with a really full unique sound, and I’m amazed by how craftily they were put together. I would definetly check out starpilot if I were you, dear reader.

Another track I saw was by an artist called bubu. The instrumentation in the track “abrand” was just beautiful. It sounded really really fantastic. Seriously guys, go listen to this. It’s really good, and this artist deserves mad kudos. This is an extremely beautiful track, and I’m very glad to be listening to it.

One final track to mention is roboctopus’s Memory Erasers Local. This one struck me as a really heavy hitting ballad. It sounds pretty epic, and I think the instrument creation in it is excellent. Great work Roboctopus! Some of that panning messed with my head though :P


1. bubu – abrand
2. starpilot – Weapons of Mass Destruction/Riposte Bombardment
3. roboctopus – Memory Erasers Local