Solarbear is performing now (NoiChan WebShowDown)

May 17, 2012 in Random

He is back again! spreading joy into the hearts of the nations children.


chk it out.

FATASS!!! a GBC tracker.

April 21, 2012 in Random

Check it!

Stop the Presses! (Bitman makes his local newspaper)

March 30, 2012 in News, Site News

Bitman was on the front page of his Uni newspapper. He is amazing and we love him, long time.

Bitman’s release Ten Day EP can be downloaded right here on noichan!!!

A Titanic Collaboration: Its Going Down!!!

March 23, 2012 in Random, Site News

The 15th of April this year will mark a 100 years since the S.S.Titanic sunk claiming 1500 souls. To mark this 100th anniversary I suggest we all make a track we feel encompasses the tragedy. It can be of any style, so long as you get it to me by the 14th of April.

Power Player #18: Nestrogen

March 20, 2012 in Power Player


Power Player #18: Nestrogen


Nestrogen has the strength of 13 men, I once watched him kick a cyclops to death and not even break a sweat, he is the top of the food chain and commands a legion of golden panthers. In all seriousness, Nestrogen makes some powerful music and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. He has played numerous of shows, with many other chip magicians and melted countless faces!!! So, what is the secret to his power, we dig a little deeper to try and find out.


How did you get into Chiptune?

Well, I am a huge fan and a complete sucker for the OST’s from a ton of Nintendo Entertainment System releases. That is without a doubt the springboard for my love/fascination with chip music in general. As far as what got me interested in composing– I can NOT exactly recall. Blame it on my awful memory. Now, what I DO remember is sitting at my computer listening to the Maniac Mansion OST (NES) and wondering how I could go about composing music with a similar set of instruments. After a few minutes of internet search engine scrambling I came upon a forum about Famitracker. The rest…–is NOT a cliche way to wrap up this question.

Why did you decide to make the leap from famitracker to LSDJ?

Did I? Alright, I did for the most part. The LSDJ Story: In short.. a family moved in across the street from where my wife and I used to live. One of the son’s was an LSDJ user. He (Brett Moots) and I got in contact through the internet and realized that we lived directly across the street from one another. WEIRD! We started hanging out in my garage many a late night and he brought over his DMG’s and a couple of LSDJ carts. While drinking and having plenty of great conversations he showed me the ”in’s and out’s” of LSDJ. Eventually, he let me borrow a DMG and a cart and I took a liking to it rather quickly. I realized how great it was to have the freedom to make music anywhere I wanted to (pre laptop). I still write with Famitracker, but I can not convey what I need to most of the time with it. Mad-love for ya FT… MAD-LOVE!!! *1 billion unfinished FTM’s and growing*

What would you say your main influences are, and how do you interpret them musically

A couple of influential things to me would have to be animals and emotions. Animals have always fascinated/comforted me in a way that most humans can’t. Perhaps it’s that the majority of them can not communicate with us by using words. To me, they remain pure as they will never say shallow and/or hurtful statements to humans. One often knows very quickly if an animal does not care for them or if they are making said animal uncomfortable. There’s no passive aggression. I’d say that I mimic animals often subconsciously while writing music. And there are other times when I have tried to achieve things likle a roar, a meow, or a purring noise as a texture/fx to a song.

I’d love to believe that most people try and establish and successfully evoke their current mood as a foundation for their music pieces. I know that for me… it shows. If I sit down and feel the NEED to write a song– it’s driven more by my current mental status (which is primarily set to manic) and melody/structure second. I like easy, accesible music as much as the next person, but I ultimately prefer songs that make me feel miserable or songs that elevate me out of my constant lethargic coma.

Tell us about your involvement with Datathrash?

I took an immediate liking to Datathrash because most of their releases so far have been a nice break from your standard, dance driven chiptune and has more of a focus on pushing hard/software to make lovely, disgusting noises by experimentation. From what I can recall, the ”chipthrash movement” had a small, but devoted group of people making some really hectic-ass music in it’s humble beginnings. Now, it has blossomed into something that is in my opinion… a formidable opponent in the chip music scene.

As for my direct involvement w/Datathrash Recordings– I have an EP and a track from that release on Datathrash’s 2nd ”mixtape”

On Friday, May 4th 2012 a Datathrash showcase featuring Graffiti Monsters, Facundo, A Versus B, and myself is being held as part of I/O at Vaudeville Park in NYC. See ya there?

What do you like about the community aspect of the scene?

I love the fact that people are often very helpful and interested in organizing events, compilations, and collaborations. You don’t really see a lot of ego with the proactive members of the community. I see more and more little ”scene’s” popping up all over the world. Putting charity events/compilations out is about as selfless as it gets…as 99% of these endeavours are not funded or backed by outside parties. I’m content knowing that I support the next punk movement. Know your ethos!!!!

If you could change something about the chipscene what would it be?


Personally, what is the best thing about playing live for you?

Wayyyyyy before I started doing my own thing as Nestrogen I played guitar, bass, or drums in numerous bands. Playing live has ALWAYS been exciting! Whether it’s to 5 or 500 people– their is an indescribable energy that comes over you when you are responsible for entertaining people as well as your bandmates and your own self. My favorite thing about playing live is playing to strangers in far away cities and towns. I’m fairly social and have met some really cool people while touring that I’d more than likely never even physically see–let alone converse and share good times with. I like to travel.

What was meeting and playing with USK like?

I shared a hotel room with USK in late 2011 at an anime/cosplay convention where he, Electric Children, Trey Frey, Smiletron, Brett Moots and myself were scheduled to perform. After my arrival and check-in I went directly to our room to put away my belongings/gear. The shower was running and the bathroom door was wide open, I heard a voice say ”Nestrogen?” through the wall of steam pouring out of the bathroom. I replied, ”that’s me.” Minutes later — Yusuke(USK) and I went through the motions of formal introduction: a handshake and a bow. Jet-lagged, I left him to catch up on some rest. Meanwhile, I smuggled a few beers in my hoodie pockets and met up with Jack Waterman (EC). Watched the freakshow by the pool area which was the majority of Shadocon’s attendees and chatted about music a bit. Later that evening Trey Frey and Brett Moots arrived and the four of us partook in some whiskey. Shortly after Brett and Trey’s arrival Yusuke joined the party in Jack and Trey’s room. This is when things got a bit blurry for me. I remember the five of us taking a turn w/an LSDJ cart..each one of us writing a phrase and passing it off. I believe that everyone lost interest due to conflicting styles or wanting to get out of the room and see what was going on downstairs that night. And then I passed out…

David (Smiletron) arrived the next day and all of us playing the ”chiptune showcase” later than night were set to play a song and talk about chip music in a little conference room with a stage that afternoon. The people who showed up for the matinee seemed really excited and almost bewildered about the sounds coming out of Trey’s ”community DMG.” Everyone who performed that night was great! USK on the other hand.. was fucking jaw-droppingly excellent!!! From his seamless transitions to his energy and intensity on stage– I know that I walked away mindblown and forever changed. USK’s set was THAT GOOD.

The next day we played some video games in one of the conference rooms before I had to fly back to Atlanta. In saying my farewells, USK gave me a hug. I liked that.

Y U no make unce?

I can’t!!!

Your hat, explain?


Favorite game as a child & Favorite game now?

My favorite game to play and re-play was and still remains Mega Man 2. The music and my familiarity with the game keep bringing me back. The last game that I fell in love with was Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for Playstation. Yeah, it’s not really current.. but it is honestly the last GREAT game that I have played…and re-played. I like sidescrollers.

Why do birds suddenly appear, every time, you are near?

Little known fact: After you account for the bodily fluid, bones, and guts– the remainder of my total weight is entirely comprised of bird seed. I have a suspicion that it MUST be my diet. Ahhh, Artie Ziff.

Nestogen is Michael Raisner, A true Power Player & Baller.


March 4, 2012 in Releases

SoundCloud & Tumblr are GO!!

February 29, 2012 in Site News

Greetings, We now have our own SoundCloud & Tumblr.


NoiChan Bandcamp is GO!

February 25, 2012 in Site News

We now have a bandcamp, enjoy.

AnimPixels – Isometric Pixel Animation Software

February 3, 2012 in News, Site News, Visual

Salutations One & All,

Here is something for all you guys / gals / robots that want something to make videos for your songs, quickly and with little effort.

AnimPixels is an animated movie software specialized in Isometric Pixel Art.Use your own movie components, or download them from the web, to create a original pixelized animated movie.

AnimPixels is a fun and quirky little program with heaps of potential and an easy to use interface. You will be able to create animations in minutes and the only real limit is your own input! Give it a try!

Here is a demo from the site, enjoy.


piq – create and share pixel art

January 24, 2012 in Visual

Greetings one & all,

I have another sweet little gift to give you all today, piq is an excellent pixel art community with a multitude of artists taking part. Everything from simple (yet striking) patterns, computer game characters, mystical landscapes & fun little doodles to staggering, mind bending works that leave you a bit envious – yes piq has it all.


piq is a free online app for creating pixel art. It’s fun, easy to use, and it’s simple to get started – even if you’ve never made pixel art before! You’ll also find:

  • an active, social community
  • a growing gallery with over 12000 free to use pictures
  • a friendly pixel art forum
  • weekly contests to win
  • over 50 achievements to earn


I highly recommend everyone at least give it a try. It is easy to pick up and is a lot of fun. The site is more versatile than using, say MS Paint with out the price tag or need to download more advanced programs. Grid mode can be toggled on off and can be refined – from huge Atari-esq pixels to flashy, tiny Amiga pixels. Also “fire brush” and “random drawing” modes are both highly amusing when coupled with the “Color-Drift” brush, allowing you to create surreal & beautiful splashes of colour in seconds.

             I leave you with a personal favorite of mine, a good example of what can be done.



~the ever so sophisitcated NoiChan.Org art exabition – in HD!!!~ …2 a new hope.

January 21, 2012 in Site News

Many a moon has passed since the collective genius of the potent art community that is last clashed. The result of this last meeting of the minds is so inspiring it may just terraform small planetoids in the back of your mind – be warned.

featuring the genius of:-


and now, it gives me great pleasure to once again present you with a exhibition so revolutionary, so mind blowing, so awe inspiring that I cannot guarantee you will ever view the world the same way -


dont forget to visit the gift shop on your way out.


Hugs & Kisses



Protip #6: Chiptune Up

January 10, 2012 in Protips

Greetings once more,

I bring you tidings of a musical nature this time, Chiptune Up is an excellent and neglected resource for the sharing of chip music. Unlike other certain sites, it wont magically disappear and not allow you to listen to music for months on end.

Chiptune Up! is open to anybody into chiptune (for any machine) looking for a fast and easy way of sharing their files and have control over them. The files won’t disappear without notice, they stay available to everyone until you decide to delete them, or not.”

Further more it will accept numerous formats .mod, .mid, .ftm, .sid and many more.

The most advantageous aspect of that fact is you can download the music as the original format, and therefore, run it with the appropriate tracker program. This can help give you in a number of ways such as -
Gaining insight into how a tracker your unfamiliar with works *I.E. learn commands, neat tricks etc*
It is a great way to build a sample bank *DPCM for Famitracker & any number of other sounds/samples from .mods*
and plus sometimes its nice to have a song on a perpetual loop.


Q-Blocks – Create 3D Pixelart Online

January 9, 2012 in Visual

Greetings Noichanlings,

The opportunity to share with you all some of my findings has arisen. I will endeavour to share with you all a collection of visual based media, from fun programs to demoscene wizardry.  So, without further ado, I bring you the first of many visual offerings to sink your eyeballs into. This site is an excellent means to eradicate a few hours. Q-Blocks is a 3D pixel art program that does not require a download, and you can save to the site, with little to no learning curve involved.

As well as that, you can have you shiney new designs printed onto a teeshirt if you wish & have text added, a great way to make a unique item of clothing to inspire your followers.