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August 19, 2013 in NoiChan Release, Site News



26 albums. Over 13 hours of music. The definitive collection of SMILETRON records, spanning 6 years.


 BRKfest 2013 marked SMILETRON’s last performance under that stagename. This epic release is our way of seeing him off. Show the man some love in the comments section, below.

Happy Birthday MIDI!

August 19, 2013 in News

MIDI turns 30. Enjoy this lovely 5 page article about it on The Register


Talk to me noichan. Talk to me about MIDI. How do you use it? What are your favourite memories of old school MIDI? Your disasters?

Me? I had a Yamaha QX21

Yamaha QX21

Plip plip plip, I have backed up all your lucious MIDI beta data!


Once I’d enjoyed making some brilliant beats (duh duh TUH! duh duh TUH!) if I wanted to make space for more songs, I would have to record the MIDI files to C60 tape meaning a stiff wind could have unravelled my plans as an industrial music master. Also, if the tape was used too much, it would stretch as household tape is one to do. Resulting in the songs you’d practicing being time stretched throughout. Try getting a drummer to play along to that.

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NC061 Released: Dire Hit – Lost EP

August 16, 2013 in NoiChan Release, Site News



8 bangers from Dire Hit’s stolen LSDJ cartridge. You will never hear any of these songs live, only on this album. These jams are super heavy, with plenty of wav channel abuse.

Noichan: The end of Summer 2013 – new things

August 15, 2013 in Events, News

As the sun starts to set earlier, we look to less daylight, and more time indoors with introverted pursuits. With BRKfest behind us and an associated NC060 release, you may be wondering: what’s next noichan?

Lots and lots of things.

Firstly, we have a few new modders. You guys may already know that Jazz has been putting up his mods as well as disassemble series and his recent upload is a beautiful Blacklight responsive, Super Gameboy CPU.

Also, two new guys, Alley Beach has put together his own underclocking kit. Eagle-eyed shoppers will see we’ve reduced them from five dollars…to five dollars.

Last but not least, b_tech has some absolutely blinding mods that have flown off into the ether already. But of note, his regulated power adapters are amazing.

We’re really excited about the new additions and I’m personally pretty excited to finally get some hand painted mods up there in the shop.

The LSDJ Showdown 2013 was a real treat this year and with so many awesome products donated, there were plenty of prizes. To everyone involved, well done. It makes my heart swell with pride. The prizes are going out as I can personally bankroll.

Music: Hold onto your britches, we have some brilliant music about to drop in the next couple of days. Get excited. I promise good things.

The NC060 – The Orange Compilation is available in hard format and I will be making this available again soon. It’s free, but limited so I will be hosting a way of giving these out to the keenest people and the artists involved.

Lavender Town , our first noisechannel related live gig is this Saturday, in South London. I will be compering that and performing with my man Assad B.

We have a Power Player article coming up with Boaconstructor shortly.

Finally, we’re looking into a project temporarily titled ‘Flip B’ which we think is gonna blow your minds.



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NC060 Released: V/A – The Orange Compilation

August 10, 2013 in NoiChan Release, Site News



38 tracks. This double-disc compilation is a mixed bag of showdown contestants, judges, BRKfest performers, and special guests. We handed out a bunch of these at BRKfest 2013, got drunk, and crowdsurfed. This album goes out to Porch Cat, you’re a good dude and it was good to see you again.

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Power Player #37: Buskerdroid

August 7, 2013 in Power Player

Power Player #37: Buskerdroid

How did you get into chiptunes?
After several plays of Lo-Bat, Trash80, Desert Planet, Binaerpilot, Goto80, Amor Antiquita and many more, I’ve gone totally crazy for chiptune music. I’ve loved the sound from the beginning, and as I was experiencing a transition from music played with guitars and bass guitars to music made with synth and softwares, I’ve decided to try with this new world by buying an LSDJ cart and using old Gameboy just brought back to life from my friends’ cellars.
How big is the chiptune scene in Italy?

The chiptune scene in Italy is active and prolific. There’s plenty of us, the last free-download compilation featuring the entire chiptune Italian panorama has been made by 29 musicians, and there’s more of us than that. We manage to communicate and compare ourselves despite of the distance, thanks to Facebook and to our website 8-b.it, an Italian micromusic portal.

And, as concerns live exhibitions, microparties and various parties, the interest of the public has always been high, but sometimes the situations can be delicate. Anyway, we don’t complain, but it can always go better.

How often do you play out? What are the venues like?

In the past years I played in France (Nice, Marseille, Lille, Paris x3) and I must say I love this country, and its electronic and micromusic scene. Even in Germany (Berlin), or in Belgium (Havelange). I’ve got great memories of first “Eindbass” in Utrecht (Netherlands), or of an afterparty in Nijmegen after Firestarter aka Frau Holle, Gijs Gieskes and Mini Roc. I’ve received the honor to play in lineup with Patric Catani & Imler, in Rome and in France. Another beautiful memory is the improvised feat with Computer Truck in Paris, during my Gameboy liveset in a GardenParty. I’ve also been in Italian cities like Bergamo, Brescia, Ancona, Marina di Ravenna, San Benedetto del Tronto and others, like my hometown, Rome.
My life happening abroad has been in Paris, and it was a party presented by “8bit em all” & “Dataglitch”, a savage party as usual! I’ve played in discos, occupied and self-managed places, clubs and pubs, but I prefer a plays with a good sound system anyway, even if it’s small place, and allowing a certain contact with the public.

When and why did you start coucou netlabel?

Coucou Micromusic Netlabel was born in February of 2009, in Rome, after having discovered a world of chiptune musicians for the NakedNoisesNetlabel. I’ve decided to create a web container to permit the musicians I prefer and even the to have their space and share their works, even the international micromusic panorama. With Coucou  Micromusic Netlabel we take care of the 8-b.it website management, and of the Facebook group “Micromusic Italy”, meeting point for musicians and supporters of this kind of music, in the Italian territory.

How have the shadows of the Roman empire affected you, personally?

Ahah, the shadows of the Empire weigh on every Roman.

What are the ladies like, over there?

They’re magic, mate!

What was your worst experience playing live?

You should not to ask me such a thing! I always have fun, even if the venue is a crap, I always have good memories the following day. But I hate when I can’t play my music at full volume, that’s the worst experience for me eheh

How did it feel to place in the lsdj showdown?

It has been fantastic and unexpected! Lsdj showdown is wonderful and I regret not to having participated to the previous editions too! Moreover, I’m even happier because I’m in the top5 for having misunderstood the contest rules, since I was supposed to send two tracks but I’ve realized it just too late, and I’m ever more proud to have reached that point with just one track. I needed a new usb cart too, so it has been perfect, and my next LSDJ track is dedicate to NoiChan.

What are your feeling on copyright law?

I find stealing intellectual of physical properties just disgusting. I think that for “nature” the rights go to the creator of the work, without payments and so on. We, the Italians, are under the SIAE dominion, but the Creative Commons culture is catching on, like the copyleft and the free copyright are.

What’s the biggest problem currently facing chiptune?

Since when I’ve followed the scene in the early years of 2000, it seems like it’s getting a concrete shape more and more, mainly even influencing tracks of the mainstream panorama and not.
“Unfortunately” I love the whole Chiptunes, the background and all the experiences it creates, so I’m the wrongest person to ask for what’s not going… I think everything is well.

Tell me about your new release on lowtoy.

Well, it’s a four-track collection, with a Gameboy DMG01 (pro-sound) and LSDJ. The first two songs have a more electro sonority, as the last ones belong more to techno. Differently to my other works with LSDJ, this time I’ve tried to abandon metrics I’ve previously used and to reach a more “experimental” field. The result, I think, it’s something acid, danceable and rough. The four tracks have been created in this last six months and they’re made and played with only one Gameboy, without hardware and software effects; as they’ve been recorded, there have been a mastering process and they’ve been exported in mp3. The mastering has been rough as well, just a “pump” of maximizer. Let’s say I’m satisfied for the EP final result, the sound goes a little further than in my usual chiptune tracks. And the fantastic artwork of Sanditio has enriched it all. In the EP there’s “Nowhere Fast”, the fifth-ranked track to LSDJ Showdown 2013, you can also find on Youtube the official chiptune video tribute to one of my favorite movies ever: Tetsuo the Iron Man. Our tribute video “Nowhere Fast” has been recorded in Italy by two guys, a talent aspiring filmmaker and an actor, who immediately have supported the project, and the chiptune culture. That’s all, I think. Have a good listen, and Shake your Microass!

How does it feel to live so close to the Vatican?

Don’t laugh at others’ misfortunes, ahah!


BUSKERDROID - Shake your microass


Noichan @ BRKfest 2013 – some words

July 31, 2013 in Events

BRKfest 2012

Some desirables from last years BRKfest. Late night diners, man.

A little last year, I was talking with noichan owner and deviant Freque about going to Blip. For reasons unknown to me at now, it wasn’t something that I could do at the time, so I held off and looked at BRKfest: The gutsier-pipe-dream-invented-pitched-up gig by Curtis ‘Solarbear sux’ Ware enlisting go-getter Andrew ‘AndarewGould’ AndaruGO seemed like a more intimate affair, with half the roster being locals on noichan and featured on our releases or compilations.

so I picked up a ticket for my flight and packed a carry-on bag of essentials in my flat in South London and flew out to what would be an eye-opening experience. Chip musicians all have something in common. They chip. The rest is a loose rag tag of likes and dislikes, personality quirks and backgrounds. The one single defining thing: that we all like to make micromusic bonded us together and for those isolated in their niche musical taste in this genre, to be able to party hard and be excited about it, unabashed is a liberating feeling.

There’s something welcoming and humbling about the South that feels more honest than the North and so it’s a positive place and as good as any to hold a three day festival (expanded up from last years two night run) It’s gonna be hot, hot, hot and everyone is mad pumped. I’m looking forward to seeing both retiring from chip Starpilot, and my absolute favourite roof raisin’ Galaxy Wolf as well as dozens of musicians I’ve not touched base with. Or snorted bass off.

It’s hard to put into words exactly, but the sheer excitement and warmth generated by other chipsters is worth the entrance price alone. It’s not undecided: it is a fact. You will have an amazing unprecedented experience if you can get your shit together to be there in two days. I’m travelling 3000 miles to be there again this year, so I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you’re going, we look forward to seeing you there. If you’re not going, you have to ask yourself why you like being absent when the most unmissable party of the year is occurring in Kentucky.

BRKfest Facebook Page



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Power Player #36: Auxcide

July 28, 2013 in Power Player

This picture was stolen during a Solarbear reconnaissance mission trying to prove that Auxcide had no friends. That mission failed.

Powerplayer #36: Auxcide

Auxcide is a MIDI-mastering, LSDJ-monstering, multitasking synth enthusiast, pianist, part time bro, full time hero, works behind the scenes for everyone’s favorite iCompany, and volunteers his time teaching underprivileged students at Berklee what real music is.

Okay, the last thing isn’t true, he teaches at SoCal, but he’s a pretty awesome guy. Get to know him.

He actually doesn’t teach at SoCal either, but read on, full time bros.

 Cool. What did were you doing two hours ago?

checking out the hotel online that i’ll be staying at for BRK! also thinking of setlists in my head
Wowza. How long ago was it when you found out you had been accepted to play BRKfest? And what was your initial reaction?
i think it was August last year that Curtis contacted me after the very first clipstream. i couldn’t believe it! i had listened to the BRK stream last year and dreamed of going just to watch. I couldn’t even imagine being an artist in it. . . my response to him was “i’ll start saving right now. brb making a BRKpiggybank” haha
So I take it that working in supply for a big computer company is helping with that? (And acquiring new gear? You seem to love things that glow and morph sounds)
My job sounds impressive but i’m only a temp. I pretty much took this job just to save up money and get new gear for BRK. I really wanted to expand on my sound and bring something different to the table in Lexi. It pays the bills. I do a lot of overtime so I can get extra money for merch. I seem to have a knack for finding the best deals on gear though. I got lucky and got some good eBay buys. My Arturia MiniBrute was actually bought on a whim and some good advice from Roboctopus. Best buy cause the thing is crazy.
You have a pretty strong piano background, how long have you been playing? Despite the cool flashy doodads you can’t forget the basics.
I’m almost completely self-taught in piano. I started when I was young but abandoned it for the Alto Sax. I eventually came back to it seriously in high school. I also took it in Junior College but all I ever played were video game covers and my teachers decided what I was doing was better then what they were gonna teach me. Actually for my Student Recital, I played like a 15 minute long medley of battle music from the Final Fantasy franchise. It went over surprisingly well.
I think it’s been like 8 serious years.
Pretty cool to see the alto sax background, I think Russelian and Megaflare also play it a bit. Have you ever thought about doing a chip-and-piano side project?
battle music from the Final Fantasy franchise. It went over surprisingly well.
[messages are lagging out a bit for me, not sure about you]
Almost all of my music has started off being written on piano. of Atoms and Stardust was completely done in piano first. The song Eos is especially apparent when you see me play it on piano. I have a very dancey and dramatic piano style so I think it’d be a good mix for a project. I have a couple songs out now that use a piano setting on a keyboard controlled by the Arduinoboy. I’d love to be able to do it live, but I do so many tempo changes that it’d be a lot to write. Actually did an experiment on a track that emulates my piano playing with lots of T commands. Look for it on the next Chiptunes = Win [ HYPE ].
Danimal Cannon did a rendition of the Moonlight Sonata (one of the movements, 2nd I think) that used tons of T commands to replicate the piano style in LSDJ. In LSDJ, you have blossomed into quite the hardware wizard. Some people cite LSDJ as being tough to learn, was your experience hard? How has it compared to learning the ins and outs of your other hardware?
haha I feel as if I’ve got a lot to learn still about LSDJ. . . I also feel like there’s a lot to learn with my hardware as well. With any new thing, it’s best to immerse yourself in it and that’s exactly what I did. It was so easy to explore because it’s such an interesting system and the first and only tracker I’ve learned. It actually came pretty easy to me. I first taught myself as much as I could, while exploring the software and then later explored tutorials and threads on cm.o about 2xLSDJ. The community was so helpful. Back then, it seems like it was less known to do 2xLSDJ, but I knew from the start that’s one of the things I wanted to make a staple in my music. The other, which is what drew me into LSDJ and making chip in general, was the Arduinoboy. I think if you stick with it, LSDJ isn’t that daunting.
Good to hear! You say that LSDJ is the only tracker you really use, are there any others you wish you had time/willpower to learn?
Famitracker! I still am always trying to devise ways to sync the NES and Gameboy together. Recently I hooked my arduinoboy up to my laptop via MIDI to sync with Famitracker but there was too much delay. One day, I hope to churn out some Fami tunes.
also the C64 is tasty.
Word has it we may see FaMi (from Batsly Adams) http://www.batslyadams.com/search/label/FaMI make that a reality with pure hardware. Worth keeping an eye on for sure. I myself struggle with Famitracker. Two questions left, first one is: are you a big sandwich fan?
I’m a vegetarian. We can’t be too picky about our sandwiches. If it’s edible, I’ll eat it!
Last question: If you were forced to be a stand up comedian, what would be your big running gag, and why?
“Solarbear cleans the carpets at my house. . . why? cause he sucks more then my vacuum!” *ba dum duh tssh*
also that is true. He does suck.
Thanks for taking the time to talk!
Can’t wait to see you at BRkfest!
Can’t wait to meet everyone in real life, man.
For those unaware, Auxcide and Solarbear are (im)mortal enemies. Buy BRKfest tickets and watch them fight to the death on stage. My bet is on the Arduinoboy becoming sentient under the influence of its tentacled overlord Roboctopus and destroying both of them.

Thanks for reading!
The Bitman