Happy Birthday MIDI!

August 19, 2013 in News

MIDI turns 30. Enjoy this lovely 5 page article about it on The Register


Talk to me noichan. Talk to me about MIDI. How do you use it? What are your favourite memories of old school MIDI? Your disasters?

Me? I had a Yamaha QX21

Yamaha QX21

Plip plip plip, I have backed up all your lucious MIDI beta data!


Once I’d enjoyed making some brilliant beats (duh duh TUH! duh duh TUH!) if I wanted to make space for more songs, I would have to record the MIDI files to C60 tape meaning a stiff wind could have unravelled my plans as an industrial music master. Also, if the tape was used too much, it would stretch as household tape is one to do. Resulting in the songs you’d practicing being time stretched throughout. Try getting a drummer to play along to that.

Noichan: The end of Summer 2013 – new things

August 15, 2013 in Events, News

As the sun starts to set earlier, we look to less daylight, and more time indoors with introverted pursuits. With BRKfest behind us and an associated NC060 release, you may be wondering: what’s next noichan?

Lots and lots of things.

Firstly, we have a few new modders. You guys may already know that Jazz has been putting up his mods as well as disassemble series and his recent upload is a beautiful Blacklight responsive, Super Gameboy CPU.

Also, two new guys, Alley Beach has put together his own underclocking kit. Eagle-eyed shoppers will see we’ve reduced them from five dollars…to five dollars.

Last but not least, b_tech has some absolutely blinding mods that have flown off into the ether already. But of note, his regulated power adapters are amazing.

We’re really excited about the new additions and I’m personally pretty excited to finally get some hand painted mods up there in the shop.

The LSDJ Showdown 2013 was a real treat this year and with so many awesome products donated, there were plenty of prizes. To everyone involved, well done. It makes my heart swell with pride. The prizes are going out as I can personally bankroll.

Music: Hold onto your britches, we have some brilliant music about to drop in the next couple of days. Get excited. I promise good things.

The NC060 – The Orange Compilation is available in hard format and I will be making this available again soon. It’s free, but limited so I will be hosting a way of giving these out to the keenest people and the artists involved.

Lavender Town , our first noisechannel related live gig is this Saturday, in South London. I will be compering that and performing with my man Assad B.

We have a Power Player article coming up with Boaconstructor shortly.

Finally, we’re looking into a project temporarily titled ‘Flip B’ which we think is gonna blow your minds.



LSDJ Showdown 2013 – Judging

June 3, 2013 in News

Hi guys, I just wanted to check in with you all, specifically those who submitted to the Showdown. Firstly, I want to say thank you for everyone who submitted and particularly, those who worked hard on their jams to showcase to us all. This kind of competition brings people together in a way that’s kind of impossible to verbalise. It allows everyone, internationally, to submit their jams and cut their chops. Egos are broken and inflated. Time stops. Panties are whetted and faces are melted.

Personally, it’s an absolute joy to be a part of it. What’s next? We listen to everything. It takes hours, by the way, We strip the submissions down and talk about them. Last year, I spent 5 hours back to back on this. Each judge has their own way of determining what they like and don’t like. We ask them to score so that an aggregate can be formed. We do this to avoid vote fixing. We select a group of different people to do this, specifically. We also do these at different times to each other, but please be patient. No news is good news.

Fairness is where it’s at. We don’t make rules to hinder people. We make them to try to enable a platform. I enjoy getting prizes together (thanks again to our sponsors) but I enjoy seeing people comment and rate the jams among themselves more. Once again, thanks so much to everyone who submitted and all those who stood on the sidelines showing encouragement.

LSDJ Showdown 2013 – Prizes – updated

May 29, 2013 in News

Here they are people.

Gameboy mods and other bits

For first place this year, we’re very pleased to bring you a MidiBoy by NeX. It’s an all-yellow fully Midi gameboy with a switchable pitch bend, biverted backlight and flush prosound. If you haven’t seen one of these, then they are about as pimped as a Gameboy can get.

NeX MidiBoy - Showdown

Second prize is a prosound, backlit DMG, ’707′ hand sprayed by myself, Michael Television.

Michael Television '707' DMG

Third place is a clear green Kitsch-Bent case and gold plates and battery springs. Kitsch-Bent silicon start/select buttons, clear DMG buttons, prosound mod and an orange V2 backlight.

Kitsch-Bent kit, Michael Television mod

Fourth place is a clear blue Kitsch-Bent case and silver plates and battery springs. Kitsch-Bent silicon start/select buttons, Orange DMG d-pad, power switch and link port cover, orange DMG buttons, prosound mod and an orange V2 backlight.

Kitsch-Bent kit, Michael Television mod

Fifth place is a 64MB rewritable EMS cartridge. The top ten all receive a Luftek Micro USB to DMG adapter each. There are seven bundles of stickers, backplates, buttons, and bits & bobs too!

Additionally, I have some other components that’ll get thrown in for good measure. I have a few lovely things kicking around.

Thanks to our sponsors:

Kitsch-Bent logo

Luftek - store

NeX - store

Don’t forget to have a pop into these guys shops! Keep the music coming, chipsters.


USB to DMG power adapters – a reality!

May 10, 2013 in News

“Why hasn’t someone invented USB to DMG power adapters yet, considering it’s the NNth century?” every chip girl and guy has asked themselves.

Well actually, someone did. Luktek, an electrical engineer in Slovenia decided to play about with the DMG and made exactly that recently, offering the adapters for sale on his blog.


Powering the DMG from an iPad is a nifty trick. Sounds sweet? Well it gets sweet-a-riffic. The greater news is that Luftek has kindly sponsored ten of these: one each for the top ten winners of this years LSDJ Showdown. If you can’t bring yourself to either wait or prove yourself enough to be placed in the top ten for the 2013 Showdown, you can buy them online for $5 a piece with $3 dollars shipping at his online shop.

A big thanks to Skinwalker for bringing it to my attention.





LSDJ Showdown 2013

May 1, 2013 in Events, News


The noichan LSDJ Showdown is back again this year. The competition has been a part of some amazing compilations as well as ground breaking submissions and flair in LSDJ. Do you have what it takes to win this year? Get writing. You have the entire month of May to make it happen. Prizes will be announced soon. Previous years have been custom Gameboys and Midiboys as well as assorted parts for your mods.

The rules: All songs must be written in pure LSDJ, using a single gameboy (any model) or emulator, with absolutely no processing or effects. No gameboy modifications which affect the sound (other than prosound or RCA outputs) can be used. Custom kits are allowed. This is an LSDJ song writing competition, nothing else besides LSDJ should be featured on the track.

NoiChan core staff and judges are forbidden from competing. We’re looking for original songs, not covers. This year we’ve changed the rules to allow 2 entries per contestant, any extras will not be counted. Any alteration of the file once it has been posted may result in disqualification. Any attempts to enter more than 2 songs by using a different screen name may also result in disqualification. Please limit songs to 6 minutes or 10mb, in MP3 format only. Your entries do not need to be new songs, so long as they match the rules above.

You must understand that the winners go on to form some part of a compilation or promotion in the future so by submitting your tracks you agree to be part of a larger promotion and grant permission to use your music.

NoiChan staff will select 10 finalists, which will then be scored by our judges. Winners will be selected from the top 3 average scores.

Songs will be scored based on 3 criteria: Talent, Appeal & Creativity.


The deadline for submission is 3AM, Eastern (GMT-5), on Saturday, June 1st. Your song must be available for public download until the judging period is over (roughly June 15th) in order to qualify. The winners will be announced and all scorecards for the 10 finalists will be made public by Monday, Jun 18th (the latest). The prizes can be shipped anywhere in the world, according to the winners.

To enter the contest: Please post your song somewhere online (NoiChan is encouraged) and post the link below.

I DREAM OF WIRES: Documentary

April 2, 2013 in News

For those not strictly limited to the 8-bit, peeps may be interested in the upcoming documentary on modular synths. Scribble Media present the mentally unwell people who devote themselves a life of pursuing these expensive, yet genre and decade-defining sound generators, talking candidly to the camera. The documentary features powerhouses such as Trent Reznor and John Foxx, as well as plentiful shots of synth geekoids doing their best Rosemary from Hong Kong Phooey impression.

You can preorder now before April 30th.

Release Round-up: Week 46 2012

November 19, 2012 in Events, News, Releases


National Broadcast Network – Atomic – It’s not difficult to explain this album. NBN releases a 20 track album featuring a clump of already free and available tracks and some shiny new ones that push his style in a new direction. He never claims to be a hardcore hardware purist and mashes Ploque with Guitar Rig and mixes the sound until a raw energetic stew, remains. There’s a wide range of sounds and styles, scaling from the 70′s to present day but none of it sounds out of place or bent too far out of shape.

Kkrusty – Warpath – Expert level lsdj programming from seasoned Chicago chiptuner and artist at the recent Kentucky BRKfest chiptune festival.

Starpilot – Flight Of The Commodore  There’s something deeply wrong about Starpilot. Anyone who can put out 4 releases a year is a wrong ‘un and this is a straight up Commodore 64 affair this time around. I can’t describe it other than the usual Starpilot sound, which is….ecclectic enough to struggle to describe, but recognisable enough to spot a mile off. Stand out tracks for me are Qunternions Is Tensors and upbeat space-out closer, G-Mouse. What can I say? Prolific and excellent, as always.

nickelPUNK – 111512 – Sean Callahan brings us a scrapingly bassalicious release. The 5 tracks, totalling nearly 30 minutes of music never gets dull. The release has enough changes and definition to keep you entertained. The tracks are solid and consistent throughout and never feel like wav-wub wankery, but straight up legit club hits.

fearofdark – Motorway – This is an incredibly laid back album featuring jazzy bass lines, spacey noise and dreamy melodies. It very much feels like the music of a late night journey and the pixelated cover art is a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin fanfare.

2Player – Impossible Pixel OST - 2 player’s soundtrack to the Impossible Pixel track. You can get the game here – why you can’t buy both via a bundle in iTunes eludes me. Is this just not a physical possibility for developers and musicians yet? Toop? Anyone?

Hunterquinn – bdaybrodown - Hunter gives us the gift of music for his birthday. Reverse presents!!


Sam Mulligan – In Heaven There Is No Beer?


Sean Monistat EP release/FREE NYC Chiptune Show – Friday 23rd of November 2012
Mars Pub and Arcade
239 W. University Ave, NYC, USA
EP Release show for “Sean Monistat is… +LET’S DISINFECT!+… in Space!” on Datathrash Recordings.
Facebook Event

PaNdeMonIum CiRcUs presents..A PSYCHONAUTICAL SAGA- PART ONE.. ARCADE INVASION! SHIP RAVE! – Saturday the 24th November 2012
Artists rave it up on a …boat mother fuckers.
MS Stubnitz
King George V Dock, DLR Gallions Reach (DLR-Station)
Facebook Event

Release Round-up: Week 45 2012

November 12, 2012 in Events, News, Releases


Spacecosmo – Shortcuts

L-tron - Dsknekt - from calmdownkidder: “When not travelling around the world, breaking hearts and bank balances, L-tron is busy making tasty dance beats on his Game Boy. Dsknekt is the result of many years of creating music, which ranges from “full on party classic”, to “even more full on party classic”. Don’t sit back, don’t relax, put this on and enjoy yourself silly.”

lpower – Abinox


Hilariously, I missed an announcement from our own activity stream:
Blörb, der Bär - Das Ganze
 - Hypnotic, ambient chip with some DnB, samples, stompy laid back beats and low bass.


Short of releases this week? You need to hit be up here, or update the forum thread here to help a brother out:  submissions


Release Round-up: Week 44 2012

November 5, 2012 in Events, News, Releases


Cheap Dinosaurs Play Goblin – Cheap Dinosaurs cover Prog-Rock band Goblin (best known for scoring Dario Argento films.  It’s prog.  It’s Cheap Dinosaurs.  Just download it.

Toriena – Black Dance Hole - Japanese LSDJ dance freak Toriena’s post-Blip full-length.  Toriena is a top-notch LSDJ programmer and offers glitchy dance galore.

Dr. Treble – Why Am I Even Still Doing This - No question mark in the title here…. I guess it’s because the reason Dr Treble is still doing this is the blasty treble on opening track ‘Treble On The Streets’ which dips into eyeball shaking bass on DryOut is pretty hot stuff. There’s some wonderful upbeat drum and classic dub bass on ‘OP’ and the abrasive bass on this release is worth the time alone. I don’t know why he’s called Dr. Treble though. Maybe Dr. Tuff Bass was taken.

Breakbeat Heartbeat’s – 22:06 - New label, The Waveform Generators describe it: “The atmospheres and styles change constantly in ’22:06’, BBHB’s most varied work to date, one minute the four-to-the-floor euphoric splendour of ‘Send Me To Sleep’, the next the slow and soft touch of ‘The Skies I’, and then later the chipbreak mayhem of ‘Radio’. Impressively though, this release sounds cohesively strong, linking all the tracks with not style but instead the very distinct melodic stylings present within this music”

Single Tracks

Bitrock from Get ExcitedTravis Acrimonious

Tommy Fullerton is throwing us - Those magical girls and Death of a bro

Joseph Eidson – Hit ‘Em Where They Ain’t

Halloween related

Chip or Treat (V/A) – features Sp00ked, Andrew Kilpatrick, MyLifeIsPixels, Doomcloud, Downstate…..

Duatiga Attack! – Gimme Your Best Shot, Mr Vamp 

Dr. Treble again – Times have Changed, Elder Warlock

Is it too early for Christmas? Apparently not.

It’s Never Too Early for a Christmas Album, The Christmas Album


This weekend featured 12 hours of chiptune music on Clipstream. For every artist who opted to record their set, here is the link

Noichan are very proud to be a part of The Worldwide Chiptune Webshow (WWCW) – 40 artists. 4 days. More details coming soon.

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hunterquinn: Double Release This Friday!

September 26, 2012 in News

Details Soon…