NC069 Released: TristEndo – TristendoTunage

December 22, 2013 in NoiChan Release, Site News




A group of whimsical memorable short tunes that will make your heart smile for a little bit. Preferably to add color to a dull day. All the tunes had been produced during OHC excercizes between the summer of 2008 – winter 2010 featuring the 2a03 sound chip and released under the good graces of for your listening pleasure.

TristEndo on bandcamp and

Protip #6: Chiptune Up

January 10, 2012 in Protips

Greetings once more,

I bring you tidings of a musical nature this time, Chiptune Up is an excellent and neglected resource for the sharing of chip music. Unlike other certain sites, it wont magically disappear and not allow you to listen to music for months on end.

Chiptune Up! is open to anybody into chiptune (for any machine) looking for a fast and easy way of sharing their files and have control over them. The files won’t disappear without notice, they stay available to everyone until you decide to delete them, or not.”

Further more it will accept numerous formats .mod, .mid, .ftm, .sid and many more.

The most advantageous aspect of that fact is you can download the music as the original format, and therefore, run it with the appropriate tracker program. This can help give you in a number of ways such as -
Gaining insight into how a tracker your unfamiliar with works *I.E. learn commands, neat tricks etc*
It is a great way to build a sample bank *DPCM for Famitracker & any number of other sounds/samples from .mods*
and plus sometimes its nice to have a song on a perpetual loop.