Release Round-up: Week 46 2012

November 19, 2012 in Events, News, Releases


National Broadcast Network – Atomic – It’s not difficult to explain this album. NBN releases a 20 track album featuring a clump of already free and available tracks and some shiny new ones that push his style in a new direction. He never claims to be a hardcore hardware purist and mashes Ploque with Guitar Rig and mixes the sound until a raw energetic stew, remains. There’s a wide range of sounds and styles, scaling from the 70′s to present day but none of it sounds out of place or bent too far out of shape.

Kkrusty – Warpath – Expert level lsdj programming from seasoned Chicago chiptuner and artist at the recent Kentucky BRKfest chiptune festival.

Starpilot – Flight Of The Commodore  There’s something deeply wrong about Starpilot. Anyone who can put out 4 releases a year is a wrong ‘un and this is a straight up Commodore 64 affair this time around. I can’t describe it other than the usual Starpilot sound, which is….ecclectic enough to struggle to describe, but recognisable enough to spot a mile off. Stand out tracks for me are Qunternions Is Tensors and upbeat space-out closer, G-Mouse. What can I say? Prolific and excellent, as always.

nickelPUNK – 111512 – Sean Callahan brings us a scrapingly bassalicious release. The 5 tracks, totalling nearly 30 minutes of music never gets dull. The release has enough changes and definition to keep you entertained. The tracks are solid and consistent throughout and never feel like wav-wub wankery, but straight up legit club hits.

fearofdark – Motorway – This is an incredibly laid back album featuring jazzy bass lines, spacey noise and dreamy melodies. It very much feels like the music of a late night journey and the pixelated cover art is a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin fanfare.

2Player – Impossible Pixel OST - 2 player’s soundtrack to the Impossible Pixel track. You can get the game here – why you can’t buy both via a bundle in iTunes eludes me. Is this just not a physical possibility for developers and musicians yet? Toop? Anyone?

Hunterquinn – bdaybrodown - Hunter gives us the gift of music for his birthday. Reverse presents!!


Sam Mulligan – In Heaven There Is No Beer?


Sean Monistat EP release/FREE NYC Chiptune Show – Friday 23rd of November 2012
Mars Pub and Arcade
239 W. University Ave, NYC, USA
EP Release show for “Sean Monistat is… +LET’S DISINFECT!+… in Space!” on Datathrash Recordings.
Facebook Event

PaNdeMonIum CiRcUs presents..A PSYCHONAUTICAL SAGA- PART ONE.. ARCADE INVASION! SHIP RAVE! – Saturday the 24th November 2012
Artists rave it up on a …boat mother fuckers.
MS Stubnitz
King George V Dock, DLR Gallions Reach (DLR-Station)
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Release Round-up – Week 40 2012

October 6, 2012 in Review, Site News

Here’s a roundup of some of this week’s notable releases.  This is not an exhaustive list because maybe some of us are lazy and had a few beers and, you know, then it was time to grab a burger or whatever.  Someone was playing Minecraft, and, well…

If we missed your release, just send a member of noichan staff a PM and we’ll add it!

Chiptunes = Win Expansion Pack - Practically essential compilation from some amazing artists. J. Arthur Keenes Band, Disasterpeace, Electric Children, OxygenStar, and more.

Hunteruinn – Cyberchamp.  Densely layered, progressive LSDJ album.  As ferocious as it is brooding.

Hunterquinn – Cyberphanton.  The counterpart to Cyberchamp.  FinaLLY alone is worth the price.

The J. Arthur Keenes Band – Xinyue Yam and the Mystery Level OST.  New JAK Band. Dig it.

2PLAYER – Impossible Pixel OST.  The always-fantastic 2PLAYER follows up his excellent Infinity Force album with a fantastic OST.

Subterrestrial – Retro-Futurist.  Subterrestrial offers up the soundtrack to a game that never was. 16-bit-like.

Rokko Chan Extended Play EP.  Not sure why it’s called an EP, when it’s definitely album-length, but semantics aside, a great collection of artists making cool game music in the Mega Man style. Get it.

[edit] We’re going to do a release round-up every week.  If you’re putting out a release and want to be mentioned in the round-up, just shoot any noichan staff member a message.