USB to DMG power adapters – a reality!

May 10, 2013 in News

“Why hasn’t someone invented USB to DMG power adapters yet, considering it’s the NNth century?” every chip girl and guy has asked themselves.

Well actually, someone did. Luktek, an electrical engineer in Slovenia decided to play about with the DMG and made exactly that recently, offering the adapters for sale on his blog.


Powering the DMG from an iPad is a nifty trick. Sounds sweet? Well it gets sweet-a-riffic. The greater news is that Luftek has kindly sponsored ten of these: one each for the top ten winners of this years LSDJ Showdown. If you can’t bring yourself to either wait or prove yourself enough to be placed in the top ten for the 2013 Showdown, you can buy them online for $5 a piece with $3 dollars shipping at his online shop.

A big thanks to Skinwalker for bringing it to my attention.