NC060 Released: V/A – The Orange Compilation

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38 tracks. This double-disc compilation is a mixed bag of showdown contestants, judges, BRKfest performers, and special guests. We handed out a bunch of these at BRKfest 2013, got drunk, and crowdsurfed. This album goes out to Porch Cat, you’re a good dude and it was good to see you again.

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Power Player #36: Auxcide

July 28, 2013 in Power Player

This picture was stolen during a Solarbear reconnaissance mission trying to prove that Auxcide had no friends. That mission failed.

Powerplayer #36: Auxcide

Auxcide is a MIDI-mastering, LSDJ-monstering, multitasking synth enthusiast, pianist, part time bro, full time hero, works behind the scenes for everyone’s favorite iCompany, and volunteers his time teaching underprivileged students at Berklee what real music is.

Okay, the last thing isn’t true, he teaches at SoCal, but he’s a pretty awesome guy. Get to know him.

He actually doesn’t teach at SoCal either, but read on, full time bros.

 Cool. What did were you doing two hours ago?

checking out the hotel online that i’ll be staying at for BRK! also thinking of setlists in my head
Wowza. How long ago was it when you found out you had been accepted to play BRKfest? And what was your initial reaction?
i think it was August last year that Curtis contacted me after the very first clipstream. i couldn’t believe it! i had listened to the BRK stream last year and dreamed of going just to watch. I couldn’t even imagine being an artist in it. . . my response to him was “i’ll start saving right now. brb making a BRKpiggybank” haha
So I take it that working in supply for a big computer company is helping with that? (And acquiring new gear? You seem to love things that glow and morph sounds)
My job sounds impressive but i’m only a temp. I pretty much took this job just to save up money and get new gear for BRK. I really wanted to expand on my sound and bring something different to the table in Lexi. It pays the bills. I do a lot of overtime so I can get extra money for merch. I seem to have a knack for finding the best deals on gear though. I got lucky and got some good eBay buys. My Arturia MiniBrute was actually bought on a whim and some good advice from Roboctopus. Best buy cause the thing is crazy.
You have a pretty strong piano background, how long have you been playing? Despite the cool flashy doodads you can’t forget the basics.
I’m almost completely self-taught in piano. I started when I was young but abandoned it for the Alto Sax. I eventually came back to it seriously in high school. I also took it in Junior College but all I ever played were video game covers and my teachers decided what I was doing was better then what they were gonna teach me. Actually for my Student Recital, I played like a 15 minute long medley of battle music from the Final Fantasy franchise. It went over surprisingly well.
I think it’s been like 8 serious years.
Pretty cool to see the alto sax background, I think Russelian and Megaflare also play it a bit. Have you ever thought about doing a chip-and-piano side project?
battle music from the Final Fantasy franchise. It went over surprisingly well.
[messages are lagging out a bit for me, not sure about you]
Almost all of my music has started off being written on piano. of Atoms and Stardust was completely done in piano first. The song Eos is especially apparent when you see me play it on piano. I have a very dancey and dramatic piano style so I think it’d be a good mix for a project. I have a couple songs out now that use a piano setting on a keyboard controlled by the Arduinoboy. I’d love to be able to do it live, but I do so many tempo changes that it’d be a lot to write. Actually did an experiment on a track that emulates my piano playing with lots of T commands. Look for it on the next Chiptunes = Win [ HYPE ].
Danimal Cannon did a rendition of the Moonlight Sonata (one of the movements, 2nd I think) that used tons of T commands to replicate the piano style in LSDJ. In LSDJ, you have blossomed into quite the hardware wizard. Some people cite LSDJ as being tough to learn, was your experience hard? How has it compared to learning the ins and outs of your other hardware?
haha I feel as if I’ve got a lot to learn still about LSDJ. . . I also feel like there’s a lot to learn with my hardware as well. With any new thing, it’s best to immerse yourself in it and that’s exactly what I did. It was so easy to explore because it’s such an interesting system and the first and only tracker I’ve learned. It actually came pretty easy to me. I first taught myself as much as I could, while exploring the software and then later explored tutorials and threads on cm.o about 2xLSDJ. The community was so helpful. Back then, it seems like it was less known to do 2xLSDJ, but I knew from the start that’s one of the things I wanted to make a staple in my music. The other, which is what drew me into LSDJ and making chip in general, was the Arduinoboy. I think if you stick with it, LSDJ isn’t that daunting.
Good to hear! You say that LSDJ is the only tracker you really use, are there any others you wish you had time/willpower to learn?
Famitracker! I still am always trying to devise ways to sync the NES and Gameboy together. Recently I hooked my arduinoboy up to my laptop via MIDI to sync with Famitracker but there was too much delay. One day, I hope to churn out some Fami tunes.
also the C64 is tasty.
Word has it we may see FaMi (from Batsly Adams) make that a reality with pure hardware. Worth keeping an eye on for sure. I myself struggle with Famitracker. Two questions left, first one is: are you a big sandwich fan?
I’m a vegetarian. We can’t be too picky about our sandwiches. If it’s edible, I’ll eat it!
Last question: If you were forced to be a stand up comedian, what would be your big running gag, and why?
“Solarbear cleans the carpets at my house. . . why? cause he sucks more then my vacuum!” *ba dum duh tssh*
also that is true. He does suck.
Thanks for taking the time to talk!
Can’t wait to see you at BRkfest!
Can’t wait to meet everyone in real life, man.
For those unaware, Auxcide and Solarbear are (im)mortal enemies. Buy BRKfest tickets and watch them fight to the death on stage. My bet is on the Arduinoboy becoming sentient under the influence of its tentacled overlord Roboctopus and destroying both of them.

Thanks for reading!
The Bitman 
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live​@​BRKfest2012 Released

December 21, 2012 in Releases

live​@​BRKfest2012 has been released. Get it, you savages.


NC030 Released: V/A – The White Compilation

July 22, 2012 in NoiChan Release, Site News




We’d like to humbly dedicate this release to Peter Swimm, and thank him for all of the work he’s put into TCTD for the past 5 years. This one’s for you, buddy.

57 artists come together on this epic compilation. Judges and competitors from the LSDJ Showdown, BRKfest performers, and a ton of special guests. We’ll let you finish, but this is the greatest compilation of all time. OF ALL TIME.


The first 40 copies were released at BRKfest 2012. Disc 3 was added later as a bonus for the NoiChan release. All songs are used with permission from their respective artists.


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BRKfest starts this Friday (July 13th & 14th)!!

July 8, 2012 in Events

 JULY 13th – 14th

Lexington, Kentucky

18+, $25 pre-order or $15 a night at the door!

Buy Tickets

Pre-ordering of tickets ends this Thursday!!


7:00 – HunterQuinn
7:30 – Shitbird
8:00 – Kkrusty
8:30 – SpOOked
9:00 – S.P.R.Y
9:30 – CCDM
10:00 – Awesome Force
10:30 – Freque
11:00 – Datacats
11:30 – PANDAstar
12:00 – Nestrogen 


7:00 – Solarbear
7:30 – Str8-Bit
8:00 – CompyCore
8:30 – Saskrotch
9:00 – The Bitman
9:30 – DreamFox
10:00 – AndaruGO
10:30 – Roboctopus
11:00 – Nonfinite
12:00 – Smiletron 

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Power Player #20: Solarbear (Bazaar Day 13)

May 14, 2012 in Power Player

Today was Sunday again, the day of illumination.

Power Player #20: Solarbear

  • Who the fuck is Solarbear?

Some talentless douche. I hear he does chiptunes because he isn’t dexterous enough to actually play a real instrument.

…small wiener too.

  • How did you pick that name?

HONEST TRUTH: At first I was going to go with the name Scratchatory Rape, haha. But once I figured that might screw me out of chances at local all ages shows, I decided to go with something a little more family friendly.

To me, it’s important to name my projects something without a connotation. People often get an idea about who you are or what kind of music you play by your artist name. I thought a name like Solarbear was vague enough to get by playing any style of music I chose. Odd coincidence… I hate bears. They’re ugly. Not as much as I hate horses, but close. (Seriously! Fuck horses.)

  • Let’s talk about BRKfest, what is it?


Anyway, BRKfest is a 2 day chiptune music festival that will have it’s inaugural event this July. In February this year, I had the chance to go to Cincinnati and see AndaruGO live. We got to hang out after the show, along with HunterQuinn, and talk about the future of chip in the region. I’ll tell you what, those guys are fucking visionaries. That being said, they introduced me to a couple “fest”-style events that they and SPRY had worked on in Ohio. I looked into them and basically used a modified version of their design for the event, but with my own flair.
  • Who’s involved?

Well, the front line of BRKfest is… well, me. I’ve done all the booking, web work and venue work. Not to say I haven’t had assistance. My roommate, a fucking amazing graphic designer, made the BRKfest logo and made our teaser video. AndaruGO runs the BRKfest twitter and there MAY OR MAY NOT have been talk about a healthy relationship between BRKfest and Noisechannel going on in the background….. ;D

AND MOST OF ALL, 21 flippin’ awesome artists! The very first on board, besides the Cincinnati crew, was Smiletron. I just sent him a shot in the dark email and it turns out that guy is really cool. He was down without a second thought! Good guy. I’m REALLY excited to meet all the artists and I know everyone involved feels the same way! With so many great artists, everyone playing is someone else’s inspiration. It’s gonna be an unreal experience.

  • How much work was it to organize?

A TON. …and it still is!! It took quite a while just to get the venues’ approval and now that we have that, we’re working on getting discounted rates at hotels, flyers, sponsors and overall trying to enhance the experience for artists and attendees alike! PLUS, we’re trying to sell all the tickets! If we can sell out this year, we’ll be able to have a much larger venue next year AND even more famous artists!!! That being said…. How about a link to the website where you can preorder tickets?!

  • How’s the chiptune scene in Kentucky?

What scene?

  • Is anyone else making chiptunes out there?

There is 1 other gentleman who can do chipmusic, but I wouldn’t call him a chiptuner. He uses a gameboy to occasionally augment his guitar playing. Still, 1 is better than none, right? The only other Kentuckian I know is E.G.R. from Datathrash Recordings. On a similar note, a side goal of BRKfest is to increase the interest in the genre in Kentucky. I’m sure having Kitsch set up with merch will definitely help for people who are eager to dive right in!

  • Are you working on any new music?

Always… but I am THE SLOWEST composer ever. I’m never satisfied with anything I write and I constantly get 2 – 3 minutes into my songs and then get disgusted by them and delete them. But seriously, I’m working on my debut EP and I’ve written and scrapped the first song about 4 times now. I get frustrated at my music A LOT, but you know, gotta just keep going! Writing and trying new things. So…. expect to see the debut Solarbear EP…. maybe by the end of the year? I dunno. Maybe later. XD

  • Who inspires you?

Gosh, honestly, I have a TON of inspirations and influences, although I guess those are completely different things. As far as “inspirations” go. I really look up to the Cincinatti crew, especially AndaruGO. He lives and breaths chip music. Sometimes we’ll chat on facebook and philosophize about the whole in the human soul that only chiptune can fill, haha. Roboctopus is a constant inspiration as well. Sometimes I feel like he is sort of my private tutor. A lot of the tricks and methods I use as an artist were taught to me by Robo and his outlook on the chip scene and opinions are always incredibly perceptive.

My musical inspirations, or “influences” though, run a slightly different course. I’ve always been a fan of odd time signatures and interesting uses of keys and accidentals. That being said, bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan and Protest the Hero are probably where I draw most of my style from. As far as chiptune artists go, I’d like to kinda be a cross between Danimal Cannon, An0va and Str8 Bit. (Odd, I know.)
Of course, mainly I just want to be me, haha.
  • What do you do for a living?

I’m a cable engineer at IBM. It pays the bills.

  • That sucks. How do you live with yourself?

Everyday is a struggle, mang! I’m not bipolar, but I live on a constant rollercoaster of emotional highs and lows. Not so much because I can’t control it, but because I refuse to be satisfied. There is always another challenge! Every song can be better than the last! Never sleep! Never relax!

  • Say something to your adoring fans:

Solarbear sucks. Do something more productive with your time.



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