LSDJ Showdown 2013

May 1, 2013 in Events, News


The noichan LSDJ Showdown is back again this year. The competition has been a part of some amazing compilations as well as ground breaking submissions and flair in LSDJ. Do you have what it takes to win this year? Get writing. You have the entire month of May to make it happen. Prizes will be announced soon. Previous years have been custom Gameboys and Midiboys as well as assorted parts for your mods.

The rules: All songs must be written in pure LSDJ, using a single gameboy (any model) or emulator, with absolutely no processing or effects. No gameboy modifications which affect the sound (other than prosound or RCA outputs) can be used. Custom kits are allowed. This is an LSDJ song writing competition, nothing else besides LSDJ should be featured on the track.

NoiChan core staff and judges are forbidden from competing. We’re looking for original songs, not covers. This year we’ve changed the rules to allow 2 entries per contestant, any extras will not be counted. Any alteration of the file once it has been posted may result in disqualification. Any attempts to enter more than 2 songs by using a different screen name may also result in disqualification. Please limit songs to 6 minutes or 10mb, in MP3 format only. Your entries do not need to be new songs, so long as they match the rules above.

You must understand that the winners go on to form some part of a compilation or promotion in the future so by submitting your tracks you agree to be part of a larger promotion and grant permission to use your music.

NoiChan staff will select 10 finalists, which will then be scored by our judges. Winners will be selected from the top 3 average scores.

Songs will be scored based on 3 criteria: Talent, Appeal & Creativity.


The deadline for submission is 3AM, Eastern (GMT-5), on Saturday, June 1st. Your song must be available for public download until the judging period is over (roughly June 15th) in order to qualify. The winners will be announced and all scorecards for the 10 finalists will be made public by Monday, Jun 18th (the latest). The prizes can be shipped anywhere in the world, according to the winners.

To enter the contest: Please post your song somewhere online (NoiChan is encouraged) and post the link below.

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Protip #4: Weekly Beats – Sign Up Now

January 1, 2012 in Events, Protips

You’re not cool if you’re not doing this:

“Weeklybeats is a 52 week long music project in which artists compose and publicly release 1 song a week for the entire year.
Starting January 2nd 2012 GMT each participant will upload one finished composition per week. Any style of music or selection of instruments are welcomed and encouraged.”