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NoiChan WebShow Starts NOW (Whitely is on)!

May 17, 2012 in Events, Site News

Whitely is up first! Whitely was announced as the winner of our week long dubstep contest today, his stuff is dope. Check it out.




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Dubstep & Writing Contests – Winners Announced

May 17, 2012 in Events, Site News

We recently had a dubstep contest and writing contest.

The writing contest was hilariously misunderstood, and we received alot of short stories. We were hoping for more of an 8-Bit Journalist type of thing, but we still enjoyed your tales.

That being said, let’s get right to business:


Dubstep Contest Winner:



Writing Contest Winners: 




Please private message me your addresses if I don’t have them, so I can mail your prizes.

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Bazaar Day 8 (CONTESTS)

May 8, 2012 in Events, Site News

Super Tuesday again. It’s CONTEST DAY!!!! 8D


  • Today’s contest is ANOTHER MIKEE PHOTOSHOP CONTEST!!  The object is to find pictures of Mikee Teevee online, and paste his face in awesome places. The winner will recieve 1 modders kit, including backlight, prosound, and underclocking kits. The deadline for submission 8AM Eastern (GMT-5), on Wednesday, May 9th (tomorrow).
  • This week’s contest is a dubstep contest. Contestants can use any software they want, or any effects. The idea is to just make the best dubstep (or dubstep influenced) song. Please limit entries to 6minutes or 10MB, and use .mp3 format. The winner will recieve 1 64MB EMS Cartridge. All contestants will have the opportunity to be released on a dubstep compilation on our netlabel. The deadline for submission is 11 PM, Eastern time (GMT-5), on Tuesday, May 15th.
  • Our main event is of course, the NoiChan LSDJ Showdown. This event will run all month. This is an LSDJ songwriting competition. We have 10 amazing judges, and 3 winners will receive awesome prizes. The deadline for submission 3AM, Eastern (GMT-5), on Friday, Jun 1st.


In other news…

We are still accepting submissions for the Bazaar Banner Contest until 11PM EST (GMT-5), on Tuesday May 8th (TONIGHT). Up for grabs are 2 64MB EMS Carts!

We are still selling NoiChan Raffle Tickets for week 1.

The NoiChan minecraft server is alive and well. There’s a building contest. Go check it out!

Bitman is still accepting submissions for #comment-1272" href="http://www.noisechannel.org/posts/5511/comment-page-1 #comment-1272">Solarbear photoshop competition. (Prize TBA)

The alpha version of the NoiChan MicroMusic Archive is still uploading, but nearly complete.

Tomorrow is gaming night, again.

Of course, the LSDJ Showdown will be accepting submissions all month.


Check the Bazaar Page for daily updates.

NC015 Released: Bitman – Ten Day EP

March 23, 2012 in NoiChan Release, Site News

Shortlink: noichan.org/nc015



10 minutes in 10 days, that was Bitman’s mission, in a style he wasn’t familiar with. These things are usually hit or miss, and this crunkstep offering has hit.

Also available on thebitman.bandcamp.com

NC013 Released: Decktonic – All My Robot Friends

March 3, 2012 in NoiChan Release, Site News

Shortlink: noichan.org/nc013



Decktonic: ”It’s pure DS10. I don’t have anything to say about it. Just, DANCE MUSIC EVERYWHERE FOREVER and a shout out to my friends: Da Pantz, BRIGHT PRIMATE, Andrew Kilpatrick, Noise Channel, 44 Caliber Recordings, MK837 Records and everyone at DS10Forum.com.”

Also available on decktonic.bandcamp.com.

NC010 Released: Team Toothpaste – Dental Dubs

February 12, 2012 in NoiChan Release, Site News

Shortlink: noichan.org/nc010



This is the Album from the Godfather of ChipStep that almost didn’t happen. After months of hard work and harrassment, we are very proud to present you: Dental Dubs, by Team Toothpaste. This album will change your life.