NC071 Released: Freque – Joséphine

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A collection of random tracks, old and new, from Freque. Created using LSDJ.

Artwork by the lovely Andrea Shafer.

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by Freque

Freque on Freque: An Interview with a Legend

December 26, 2013 in Power Player, Review

When I heard I had an opportunity to interview my childhood hero, I leapt at the chance. Here was a person I’d always looked up to, a man who I felt really had his shit together. At first I was terrified that he wouldn’t accept, and I would be left dejected and alone, shunned by one of America’s greatest heroes. But then, just as predicted in the New and Old Testaments, He came to me. Below is the interview that will likely rock the nation, an Earth shattering series of revelations by the greatest man in showbiz. 

Tits or GTFO


Freque: Thanks for agreeing to do this interview, I know your time is precious.

Freque: It’s my pleasure.


Freque: I know in the past, you’ve declined other interviews, what made you agree to this intimate sit down with NoiChan?

Freque: Thanks for asking. I think that’s actually a really great question. Kids these days are so pussified and sensitive, I don’t feel that this environment would’ve allowed the elbow room for great, yet eccentric artists. People like Hitchcock, Hendrix, and Pollock. These people were visionaries in their respective fields, but were so unorthodox that I feel these trend-loving hipsters would’ve tried shoving them right back into their little box. We live in a world where the dominant social standard is that animals kill other animals with their face, but this generation of faggoted dipshits somehow maintains a strong sense of entitlement, and would prefer that you cuss less and have your goddamned cigarette on the patio. We’re pretty much all fucked once the meteor comes, when you really think about it. I can imagine picket lines of vegan protesters, circulating a petition and accusing the meteor of racism. Anyway, that’s why I agreed to the interview.

Freque: On the point of racism and persecution, I’ve heard you be compared to someone’s racist uncle, who ruins Thanksgiving. Why do you think that is?

Freque: Another great question. I think mostly because I’m highly visible. Most of my detractors are spoiled highschoolers or useless college kids, who have let down their parents, wasted their money, and ultimately accomplished nothing of any value. I think it’s a sort of passive aggressive jealousy, when you get right down to it. I’m constantly being told what someone else would’ve done differently, which I find fascinating. What you would’ve done differently? Like if you had spent 2 years of your life mastering PHP, built a social network, funded it out of pocket, and then gave it to the world for free? That’s rich. I’ll tell you what you would’ve done: nothing. I know this because that’s what you actually did: absolutely nothing. These fucking armchair quarterbacks are just upset that they have no point of leverage over me, in any fashion. So they whine about my willingness to defend myself against their ad hominem cheapshots, and say that I’m cruel and unprofessional. They claim to be “defending” the scene from my “unwanted presence,” but at the end of the day, they’re attacking the already small foundation of chiptune, and masquerading around as if they’re noble for doing so.

Freque: You are very well spoken and incredibly handsome. Do you plan to do more live shows in the future?

Freque: I might do a show here and there, but ultimately, the live scene is clearly retarded. These shows almost always lose money, because the audience is mostly performers and friends of performers. It’s one giant circlejerk where everyone pretends everyone else is famous, because they had the disposable income to act like rockstars for the weekend. It reminds me of those red carpet events in Hollywood, where showbiz insiders blow eachother and give themselves awards. The price of admission is complete willingness to participate in the mass delusion. People often mistake my self assuredness as insecurity, which is hilarious coming from a group of assholes who just spent an hour picking out what pair of pants they want to wear on their “big night.” You’re playing dressup, you’re playing house, and you’re coming across like a fucking poseur to anyone whose parents didn’t pay their way through life. Typically, these kids were born on third base, and they think they hit a triple. Anyone with a functioning brainstem knows that the internet is the future. You just traveled halfway across the continent and blew the equivalent of an annual third-world salary to play for 60 assholes, in a shitty bar, in a fly-over state. I’ve always found it weird how the chiptune scene cannibalizes itself. Most of the compilations and events are just taking your feces, repackaging it, and then feeding it back to you. Eat it. Eat your own shit, you greedy consumerist motherfuckers.

Freque: Describe how to make your favorite sandwich:

Freque: I thought you’d never ask! They make these awesome little round loaves of sourdough bread, a little bigger than a softball. You take one of those fuckers, rip it in half (not slice) and cover one side with a whole can of tuna. Try to make sure it’s spread pretty evenly. Then you literally cover the tuna with black pepper, until you can’t even see it anymore. On the other piece of bread, you want like 6 or 7 THINLY sliced pieces of tomato, lightly salted. Cover that with your favorite cheese (I prefer swiss). Put it on a cookie sheet and broil it, open faced, until the cheese begins to caramelize. Turn the oven off and let it sit in there for 5 minutes, to make sure it’s warmed all the way through. Pull it out (make sure to use oven mits!). Add tons of mustard and just a bit of romaine lettuce. I suppose you can put mayo and celery on there, if you’re a little baby, but I usually go without it. Either way, if you follow the instructions I’ve given you, it’s the best tuna melt ever created. You can thank me later, you stupid fucks.

Freque: Who Jew? You? You.

Freque: Ok, first of all, I don’t appreciate your antisemitic tone. Secondly, is that even a question? You’d better hope the ADL never sees this, because they won’t be as forgiving as I am. The Jewish people are as flawed as any other group, but they, much like me, have been unfairly persecuted throughout history. They don’t need you piling onto their oppression. It’s not fun, and it’s not funny.

Freque: People seem to struggle at finding relevant and accurate things to make fun of you about. What can you tell me about your childhood?

Freque: My father was a Portuguese immigrant, who was twice my mother’s age. She was 15 when she consumed my brother, and 16 with me. She ran away with my dad, from Massachusetts to Florida, where they both did jail time. She would’ve been released earlier, but she refused to tell them her age, because she didn’t want to get him in trouble. I’m not sure what they were arrested for, drugs or stealing, or both, if I had to guess. My father is a legitimate kleptomaniac. He mostly steals cars, but he’ll steal fucking padlocks and stuffed animals from grocery stores, he truly doesn’t give a shit. They split up before I was born. I met my dad a few times, but I haven’t seen him in years. He used to smoke crack in front of my brother and I, which sounds weird, but didn’t seem like that big of a deal at the time. The best car I can remember him stealing was a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. I dont remember what year it was, mid 90′s, but it had those cool detachable pieces on the roof. It was pretty badass. We weren’t there when he stole it, but we drove around in it a lot. He hasn’t spent an unbroken year out of jail since he was a teenager. I don’t really know that much about him, honestly. My mom, on the other hand, raised me until I was 16 or so, then she just bailed one day. She left me with her mother, who I was only supposed to be visiting for the weekend. That was pretty weak, but I’m over it now. We found her a couple years later, squatting on a cabin in the middle of nowhere, near a lady who used to be our neighbor. She was all cooked out on acid, talking about how a knot in the wood on one of the walls was a portal to the spiritual dimension. I remember wanting to yell at her for abandoning me, but I didn’t, and still haven’t. She eventually got her shit together and we sort of patched up our relationship. She moved to Florida (of all places) a few years ago, and I visited her there once. That was a couple of years ago, so I don’t know if that counts as my childhood, because I’m 30, now. I got in an argument with her redneck boyfriend and punched a hole in her trailer wall, and my gf at the time and I left, and just drove home. We slept in her truck in a McDonald’s parking lot that night, in Florida, in the middle of summer. It was bullshit. We’ve made up since then and have pleasant talks, occasionally, on the internet. As far as me? I grew up fat and poor, I got bullied a lot. I used to get beat up quite a bit, until I learned to fight back, which changed my life. Violence became sort of an addiction for me, even after I lost most of the weight. I broke my hand on a kid’s head once, when I was in highschool. I got put on supervised probation for a year and a half for that fight, and I had to do 100 hours of community service, most of which I lied about. I also had to take anger management classes, which I got kicked out of, apparently for being too angry. They used to just ring this bell and make us walk around in circles. The whole experience was so much work that I picked my fights a little better from then, on. I guess it was a success, in that regard. I’ve been in a couple barfights since then, but nothing major. I mostly just argue with people on the internet, now. Come at me, I’m bored.

Freque: Are you an alcoholic?

Freque: Yeah, I’d say so. I used to just smoke weed all the time, but I had a really bad breakup earlier this spring. My slutty ex was apparently fucking our weed dealer, on the side. I was with that bitch for 8 years, we lived together for 7. I could tell she was lying to me for a few months, and one day she forgot to log out of her facebook, so I just keyword searched for “cheat” and “cum” and words like that, and I found a bunch of bullshit in there with this douchebag who can hardly even speak English properly. He was all like “want 2 bone u so bad rite nao” and shit like that. I didn’t even know she was into that kinda shit, she was a pretty classy girl, and kind of a prude, or so I thought. I just immediately packed up her shit and told her to get the fuck out, and haven’t spoken to her since then. I still loved her at the time. She cried, I cried, but that was it for us. I helped her move her shit into a storage unit and never looked back. I’ve been drinking nonstop since then, because I had difficulty adjusting. I’m finally starting to level out, though, and I’m moving back towards smoking weed, which is actually a good drug for me. I’m usually pretty fucking angry, and the alcohol doesn’t help a whole lot in the “don’t be an asshole” department, but the weed mellows me out quite nicely. I’ve met another girl since then, who isn’t quite as uppity and cunty as the last one, so that’s helped me a bit. She’s pretty submissive and I expect she’d tolerate me beating on her, if it came down to that. I don’t have any plans to beat her, but it’s good to know that’s an option. It’s easier to trust a girl like that.

Freque: You’ve been accused of nearly everything. Misogyny, racism, homophobia, antisemitism. How do you plead?

Freque: I suppose I’m guilty of a tiny bit of all those things, if we’re being entirely honest with eachother. I’m certainly guilty of perpetuating the idea that I am, mostly because I don’t give a fuck. It’s not like I just fell from grace one day. I live down here, at the bottom. I’m comfortable in the role of super villain. I don’t have nearly enough motivation to try and combat the things people accuse me of, so I just roll with it, for my own amusement. I think everyone is over sensitive, and I legitimately like to argue with feminists. I just like to argue with people who feel they’re being discriminated against, who whine about it incessantly, because it’s entertaining and there’s no real consequences. I guess I’m a bit of a bully, in that regard, but hey, no one’s perfect. My facebook feed is mostly chiptune kids, and they’re all insufferable bitches. You can only take so much of that shit before you feel like fucking them with a tire iron. There’s this one kid on me feed who posted this rant about “I hate litterers” as if he was taking a brave and admirable stance. It’s fucking annoying, and that’s just one example. It’s like all these kids are on a nonstop mission to impress their 6th grade guidance counselor, and it’s just really. fucking. annoying. They parade around like these heroic freedom fighters, even though they’re just towing the company line. People seem to be having this wacky competition to see who can get offended first, as if it makes them progressive and clever, and it’s kind of pitiful to watch. They’re not even good at it. I try to push their buttons because political correctness is stupid, and it’s fun to watch them glitch out. It’s sort of a reminder of why you shouldn’t be that way, because I’m usually taking a shit while I’m arguing with them, or posting offensive comments. I do some of my best posts with a turd hanging out of my ass. The chiptune world has worked itself into a frenzy over some of the things I’ve said, and I’m now one of the most despised people in the scene, and I’m shitting. You’re arguing with a guy who’s taking a shit. Ya know? As far as the misogyny, I won’t even deny that one. Most women are total sluts.

Freque: You were once accused of “giving a shit.” Defend yourself.

Freque: Ultimately, everyone wants to be liked. You get more free drugs and pussy that way, but I’ve always loved an underdog. Some of my more publicized rivalries (including but not limited to: andrewBLOWS, Shitzel, & Limey “I’m 30+ and I have an internet gf” Teevee) had a lot of backlash, but I’d say that’s healthy. None of my critics ever had a day where several dozen people came out of the woodwork to chime in on anything they did, so fine, let them talk shit. >Indifference< is the opposite of love, and I’m fucking famous. There will never be a day where they experience anything like that, and most importantly, I can take it. They dish it out because they think I can’t cope, because they can’t cope. I, on the other hand, was forged in hellfire, and the only reason these fucknuts even matter half the time is because they’ve found a way to attach their name to me. It doesn’t bother me, though. There’s plenty to go around, and I’m still just getting started.

Freque: Have you ever beaten or raped a woman?

Freque: Well, I wouldn’t call them “women.” I did smack a ho when I was in 8th grade, though. My brother’s exgf. We got in an argument on the schoolbus, and I spit on her, and then she spit on me and grabbed my hair and started rag-dolling my head back and forth. It was honestly pretty funny. I told her to let go of my hair or I was gonna slap the shit out her, and she didn’t, so yeah, I just started smacking her, right in the face. Slaps and backhands. She started kicking me in the chest from a sitting position, cause I had slapped her back into the seat. The bus driver was on the CB saying “WE HAVE 2 GIRLS FIGHTING! WE HAVE 2 GIRLS FIGHTING!!” because he wasn’t our regular busdriver, and I had long hair back then. The whole thing was sort of humiliating and exhilarating at the same time. I never even got in trouble for it, but I definitely had her snot all over me, because it got transfered a bunch of places while she was kicking me. I pretty much made that girl’s life hell after that, and she eventually transferred schools. I saw her earlier this summer, she was all cranked out on prescriptions, we were friends for about 2 days, laughing about the old days, until we discovered that we still fucking hated eachother. I called her a whore and a junkie and she blocked me on facebook. Good times. As far as rape, though, nah. Not yet.

Freque: Do you expect any backlash from this groundbreaking, historic interview?

Freque: God, I hope so. Maybe a bit of “For someone who doesn’t care, you sure wrote a lot of bullshit.” Maybe I’m giving everyone too much credit, though. If anything, it’d probably be another attack on my slut-shaming, jew-hating ways. In all honesty, I think people might be catching on to my need for negative attention, or at least they should have, by this point in the interview. I might have to change it up soon, and donate some money for breast cancer awareness, or something. You know you’ve reached a whole new level of trolling when philanthropy becomes the ultimate act of rebellion. I think that’s my endgame. I’m not sure how much further I can go in this direction before I’m just throwing puppies in a woodchipper and calling it performance art. I’m kinda like that chick who knits with her vagina, except slightly less trite and way less whorey. I don’t feel like I’ve hit rock-bottom just yet, though. If this doesn’t cause any drama, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna just start emailing pictures of my dick to all of my facebook friends. Men, women, & family.

Freque: What’s next for you?

Freque: I’ll probably delve deeper and deeper into incest porn, because almost nothing turns me on anymore. I pretty much need that to cum, at this point. I jerked off to one of those videos where the dude pisses in the girl’s mouth, earlier this summer. I wasn’t exactly proud of it, but it was oddly satisfying, at the time. I should maybe watch less porn, and go back to my imagination for a while, but I doubt that I have the discipline for that. I mostly used to just jerk off thinking about my friend’s girlfriends anyway, and I don’t have a whole surplus of friends these days. I might try to get arrested. I figured I could just start jazzing up my criminal record, sort of as an art project. I also have an album coming out, hopefully before the winter is over. I haven’t put anything out in a couple of years, so we’ll see what happens. Potato.

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Freque – Picasso Won’t Paint

December 17, 2012 in Releases

Ambient / Noise / Chiptune

Dramacore Release #128


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by Freque

WebShow Starts in an Hour.

May 10, 2012 in Events, Site News

Freque is opening in 1 hour, at 7pm EST (GMT-5)

Power Player #4/5: Awesome Force & Freque

November 7, 2011 in Power Player

Editor's Note: Reprinted from CTUK Chiptune Focus.
Awesome Force Vs Freque

A new challenger appears

Awesome Force and Freque are two collaborators who work chiptune magic to fuse together melodic lead lines, static percussion, white noise and driving bass on their 10 track EP, Versus. The two met online and shared email and collaboration ideas. On a spontaneous whim, Freque using his girlfriend as a human shield embarked on a journey to the University of Massachusetts where Awesome Force is a student, not an axe-killer as might have been suspected. With chiptune being such a niche musical style, it was a surprise to them both to live relatively close together.

They write using LSDJ, Awesome Force on a DMG or Color connected to Ableton Live through a MIDI interface and again Freque using pure Gameboy with LSDJ as the controller. The music is dumped directly into his computer’s line-in port and processed with Audacity and/or Wavelab.

The guys are influenced far and wide by modern music: drum and bass, metalcore, grindcore, 90s hardcore, 80’s minimalism, ambient, electro, folk music and even in some cases, brit-pop. Awesome Force says “When I am writing I try to pull what makes me feel a specific emotion out of the song itself, and I look to everything from Kraftwerk to Oh, Sleeper as an influence.” With modern influences so clearly a part of any musicians input, we ask why they decided to turn back to something so natively pure as the Gameboy.

Freque expands “I’ve always liked video game music alot more than I should. I heard a chiptune on a keygen one day, before I even knew this scene existed. The song was Quazar – Funkystars (Hybrid Song) and it reignited the passion for me. I literally collected and archived over 300,000 micromusic songs in different formats, but I was completely indifferent to the gameboy scene at first, because it deals primarily in MP3. I began writing chiptunes in .mod format, because it seemed true to form, as it is the oldest format of micromusic module. It turned out to be mostly a wasted effort though, the tracks weren’t received well, as the micromusic scene in general seems to be on the decline.

However, I came to see how alive and well the gameboy aspect was, and knew I’d found the right outlet for my new obsession. This scene is small, but competitive, and allows room for growth, which are important incentives for any artist. For the first time in my musical career I think I’ve found something largely unpolluted and worth believing in.” while Awesome Force explains how emerging music influenced him to join the scene. “When I was in high school my friend showed me Anamanaguchi off the Internet. As soon as I got home I pretty much downloaded all of the 8bitpeoples releases and, as I only had Ableton at the time, a ton of VSTs. I really didn’t start writing full songs until around two years ago, before then just playing around with four-measure loops, and that really came from discovering more artists and practicing loads.”

Freque explains how a modern approach influences retro creativity. “I don’t think that corporations should set the tone of a genre. The chiptune scene hasn’t escaped that in the sense that you have alot of people trying to recreate the styles associated with games they played when they were young. I think when you look at how the music was coded back then, and the limitations they were facing, it becomes clear that there’s plenty of room for improvement, without compromising the integrity of the sound. That’s where modern influences come in for me.”

The album art features some classic console stylings

The EP opens with tracks by Awesome Force, with Glass, a progressive, 4/4 stomper with percussive sounds with light twinkling melodies and high speed drum rolls. The second half of the track trails into a floating melody and moves us onto Oceans and Battlefields, which is the perfect, anthemic tune to orchestrate two chiptuners at war. It features a buzzy marching beat, melancholic lead lines, rhythm switches, breakdowns of noise and unexpectedly, vocal samples from Master and Commander before kicking back into the main hook one more time. What prompted this we ask Awesome Force? “The part where Mr. Allen jumps aboard the “deserted” French man-of-war and says “Looks like the job is done, Sir,” just before the fatal head shot and one of the coolest naval war scenes in a movie, really prompted the samples. As far as the retro sounds goes, I don’t think the samples do a lot to take away from the fact that a Game Boy is what is making the music.” Neither do I.

If this is the war between two major forces, then Peanuts and Monkeys sounds like a post war celebration of poppy field opiates and street celebrations. The track skips between a 4/4 to high speed drum and snare rushes. So if we’ve had a post-war party, surely Morning After is the hangover? Slower uptempo beats accompany downbeat appreggiated bloops and lead lines. The drums occasionally step up to rolls and breakdowns. We’re starting to get a picture of Awesome Force’s style and overall theme of the EP, so it’s time to hit the cross-fader.

Things start to head eastwards and beats get ramped up to high speed with Yamantaka ft. Freque as the musical styles start to merge. We are introduced to that familiar ‘noisechannel’ sound. Explain that to us please Awesome Force? “The noise channel is itself, an instrument that goes “SHHHHHHH,” That seems to make sense. Why do you dwell on it so much Freque? “The noise channel is essentially just static when left untamed, but you can shape the static by changing parameters, to create drum hits, helicopter sounds, and zapping noises. It’s the least flexible” Awesome Force performs a swansong by handing over the reins and featuring on Freque‘s track , Vietnam. The tune starts with a heavy, progressive distorted beat with a wandering hook. The track increases in integrity and the BPM drops downwards in some parts. Freque explains “One of the gameboy hardware modifications featured on the release is the underclocking switch, which is used for the slower parts towards the middle of Vietnam. It basically drops the notes 1 octave, and slows the tempo by 50%. That’s the only spot on the album where the switch is used. It’s an awesome mod though, and fun to wire up.”

Now it’s Freque all the way for the rest of the EP, starting with Waldo, which starts with a rubbery bass and kick line, and bouncy electronic percussion. Freque‘s sound is more bassy and heavy in comparison to Awesome Force‘s melodies, but it’s through the EP can can hear their own styles and unique way of writing comes out. Awesome Force likes to keep to a traditional structure of verse and chorus, and songs like Peanut and Monkeys would sit happily atop a warp zone on Fantasy Zone, whereas Freque has a modern approach to breakbeat. It shows how much contrast there is between chiptune artists. When asked hiow they incorporate their influences into thweir chiptune, the duo respond with a surpise. Awesome Force harks back to experience in a band: “I played drums and did some sequencing for a post-hardcore band called Exit Ghost from high school to just a few weeks ago. It was a great time, for sure, and really taught me a lot in the realm of electronic music, strangely enough. The melodic aspects of it, too, surely shaped my composition style.” while Freque is succinct “I just try to stick to listening to only what I perceive as the best of each individual genre, and giving my support to the artists that actually need it.”

The jerky staccato intro to Audia is a precursor for some bendy breaks and metallic snare stabs. Things start to take a turn for the vicious as no competition in my minds eye, my favourite track of the EP (sorry, AF!) Doubt kicks in. It sounds like something Front 242 would have penned if they found someone had put all their synths into the wash and they’d come back out in 8-bit.

The final track of the, Urban Zone has a scratchy, claustrophobic chirrupy intro and beefy beats and breaks down into ear twitching glitchery. The bundle is wrapped up nicely and the Boys of Game take us through an incredible journey. How they can get away with calling it an EP when a full, quality strong 10 tracks exist on this release, beggars belief, but they are simply being modest.

In the real world, is there any animosity between the two? When asked about their feelings about who would be the winner in a real fight, they were not so passive. Awesome Force whispered “I’m going to go Street Fighter and use Hurricane Kick… One, no one likes to be kicked, and two, hurricanes have the force of like a 10-megaton atomic bomb every twenty minutes… translate that into a single kick to the face.” while Freque peeled a single leather glove off and admired his calloused rough right hand “There’s actually an old fighting game for the Playstation called “Vs.” and I was a big fan. There’s a pimp in that game who simply “pimpslaps” his opponents. It’s looks almost like he’s tossing a baseball. I think a few pimpslaps with that kind of enthusiasm would really straighten Awesome Force up. Either that or anything that ended with K-K-K-Killer Combo!!!!!!! Freque wins. Flawless victory.”

Versus was released by 8bittersburg Netlabel. The EP is available here.

The full interview is available here.

(Originally published January 31, 2011)

NC002 Released: Freque – Girl with Butterfly

September 19, 2011 in NoiChan Release, Site News




lsdsng files included.

From “A joint release of epic proportions, and Pxl-Bot join forces to deal you one heck of a release from founder, Freque.

Coated in beautiful melodies and addictive musical constructions, Freque spews out one hell of release on his debut solo effort, “Girl with Butterfly”. From the instance of the twisting and epic “U Had Me @ ASL”’s beginning, Freque lays his dance-coated hooks straight in underneath your skin where they intend to stay, right until the fist-pumping closer “Grzly Cntry” destroys your speakers with its heavy bass and gorgeous melodies.

What’s most impressive about this release is how Freque, rather inexplicably, has managed to craft a truly unique style and sound within his music, most obvious on the release’s title track. The almost jittering melodies and semi-quavered rolls really create something that can’t be heard anywhere else but on this record, pushing this fantastic artist into the limelight with a strong thrust. Somehow the music breathes empty space, whilst at the same time remaining heavily layered and constantly shifting.

This really is a fantastic piece of work.”

Also available on
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by Freque

Freque – New EP on September 19th

September 8, 2011 in Releases, Site News

Hi all, my new EP “Girl with Butterfly” is scheduled for release on September 19th. It will be published on Pxl-Bot, and also right here on NoiChan. This will be NC002, the third release on our netlabel. After this, we’ll start speeding up the output of releases, and giving some much needed love to the website.

k thx! :D