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NoiChan Shop – New Swag

April 23, 2013 in Site News

The NoiChan Shop has a bunch of new stuff. Backlights are currently 10% off, plus we have a bunch of new t-shirts and other swag. We’re currently raising funds for contests and other neat stuff, so give us your money.

Backlights (LED x2)

Price: $7.99

Seller: Freque

Static Bivert DMG (Rear PCB)

Price: $54.99

Seller: NeX

Yellow GBP

Price: $89.99

Seller: NeX


Price: $99.99

Seller: NeX

Green GBP

Price: $99.99

Seller: NeX


Price: $139.99

Seller: NeX

Blue GBP

Price: $99.99

Seller: NeX

Break-Out Pitch Kit

July 7, 2011 in News, User Submitted

Did you ever want the pitch mod but didn’t want to deal with a bulky knob or losing your speaker?
… Well then this my friend is for you.

I started building the pitch kits into small break out boxes so you can enjoy the pitch manipulation when you want to, but don’t have to deal with losing your speaker or traveling with a bulky knob sticking out.
The unit plug directly into an extra 1/8″ jack in your gameboy.

I can also easily install it into your existing gameboys.

available only at http://www.greightbit.com

… if this unit does not sell at
then it will be available on sunday for $165 (trades considered)