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Power Player #37: Buskerdroid

August 7, 2013 in Power Player

Power Player #37: Buskerdroid

How did you get into chiptunes?
After several plays of Lo-Bat, Trash80, Desert Planet, Binaerpilot, Goto80, Amor Antiquita and many more, I’ve gone totally crazy for chiptune music. I’ve loved the sound from the beginning, and as I was experiencing a transition from music played with guitars and bass guitars to music made with synth and softwares, I’ve decided to try with this new world by buying an LSDJ cart and using old Gameboy just brought back to life from my friends’ cellars.
How big is the chiptune scene in Italy?

The chiptune scene in Italy is active and prolific. There’s plenty of us, the last free-download compilation featuring the entire chiptune Italian panorama has been made by 29 musicians, and there’s more of us than that. We manage to communicate and compare ourselves despite of the distance, thanks to Facebook and to our website 8-b.it, an Italian micromusic portal.

And, as concerns live exhibitions, microparties and various parties, the interest of the public has always been high, but sometimes the situations can be delicate. Anyway, we don’t complain, but it can always go better.

How often do you play out? What are the venues like?

In the past years I played in France (Nice, Marseille, Lille, Paris x3) and I must say I love this country, and its electronic and micromusic scene. Even in Germany (Berlin), or in Belgium (Havelange). I’ve got great memories of first “Eindbass” in Utrecht (Netherlands), or of an afterparty in Nijmegen after Firestarter aka Frau Holle, Gijs Gieskes and Mini Roc. I’ve received the honor to play in lineup with Patric Catani & Imler, in Rome and in France. Another beautiful memory is the improvised feat with Computer Truck in Paris, during my Gameboy liveset in a GardenParty. I’ve also been in Italian cities like Bergamo, Brescia, Ancona, Marina di Ravenna, San Benedetto del Tronto and others, like my hometown, Rome.
My life happening abroad has been in Paris, and it was a party presented by “8bit em all” & “Dataglitch”, a savage party as usual! I’ve played in discos, occupied and self-managed places, clubs and pubs, but I prefer a plays with a good sound system anyway, even if it’s small place, and allowing a certain contact with the public.

When and why did you start coucou netlabel?

Coucou Micromusic Netlabel was born in February of 2009, in Rome, after having discovered a world of chiptune musicians for the NakedNoisesNetlabel. I’ve decided to create a web container to permit the musicians I prefer and even the to have their space and share their works, even the international micromusic panorama. With Coucou  Micromusic Netlabel we take care of the 8-b.it website management, and of the Facebook group “Micromusic Italy”, meeting point for musicians and supporters of this kind of music, in the Italian territory.

How have the shadows of the Roman empire affected you, personally?

Ahah, the shadows of the Empire weigh on every Roman.

What are the ladies like, over there?

They’re magic, mate!

What was your worst experience playing live?

You should not to ask me such a thing! I always have fun, even if the venue is a crap, I always have good memories the following day. But I hate when I can’t play my music at full volume, that’s the worst experience for me eheh

How did it feel to place in the lsdj showdown?

It has been fantastic and unexpected! Lsdj showdown is wonderful and I regret not to having participated to the previous editions too! Moreover, I’m even happier because I’m in the top5 for having misunderstood the contest rules, since I was supposed to send two tracks but I’ve realized it just too late, and I’m ever more proud to have reached that point with just one track. I needed a new usb cart too, so it has been perfect, and my next LSDJ track is dedicate to NoiChan.

What are your feeling on copyright law?

I find stealing intellectual of physical properties just disgusting. I think that for “nature” the rights go to the creator of the work, without payments and so on. We, the Italians, are under the SIAE dominion, but the Creative Commons culture is catching on, like the copyleft and the free copyright are.

What’s the biggest problem currently facing chiptune?

Since when I’ve followed the scene in the early years of 2000, it seems like it’s getting a concrete shape more and more, mainly even influencing tracks of the mainstream panorama and not.
“Unfortunately” I love the whole Chiptunes, the background and all the experiences it creates, so I’m the wrongest person to ask for what’s not going… I think everything is well.

Tell me about your new release on lowtoy.

Well, it’s a four-track collection, with a Gameboy DMG01 (pro-sound) and LSDJ. The first two songs have a more electro sonority, as the last ones belong more to techno. Differently to my other works with LSDJ, this time I’ve tried to abandon metrics I’ve previously used and to reach a more “experimental” field. The result, I think, it’s something acid, danceable and rough. The four tracks have been created in this last six months and they’re made and played with only one Gameboy, without hardware and software effects; as they’ve been recorded, there have been a mastering process and they’ve been exported in mp3. The mastering has been rough as well, just a “pump” of maximizer. Let’s say I’m satisfied for the EP final result, the sound goes a little further than in my usual chiptune tracks. And the fantastic artwork of Sanditio has enriched it all. In the EP there’s “Nowhere Fast”, the fifth-ranked track to LSDJ Showdown 2013, you can also find on Youtube the official chiptune video tribute to one of my favorite movies ever: Tetsuo the Iron Man. Our tribute video “Nowhere Fast” has been recorded in Italy by two guys, a talent aspiring filmmaker and an actor, who immediately have supported the project, and the chiptune culture. That’s all, I think. Have a good listen, and Shake your Microass!

How does it feel to live so close to the Vatican?

Don’t laugh at others’ misfortunes, ahah!


BUSKERDROID - Shake your microass


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jefftheworld – The Last Day LP (Coming Soon)

December 18, 2012 in Events, Site News

Coming soon to NoiChan Netlabel:


The release will be preceded by a webshow: 

Blip Noir
and, of course, jefftheworld!

Live stream starts December 20th, 2012 @ 9:30pm Eastern Time. 


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NoiChan Netlabel – Now Accepting Demos

March 8, 2012 in Site News


We are now accepting demos for our Netlabel.

(You can also find the link on the releases page)


NoiChan Bandcamp is GO!

February 25, 2012 in Site News

We now have a bandcamp, enjoy.

Power Player #12: deadbeatblast

December 9, 2011 in Power Player

 Power Player #12: deadbeatblast


  • What got you into Chiptunes?

I had an AtariST as a kid, I guess that was my first exposure to it all. Listening to demoscene disks and playing games on that machine was magic to a 5 year old… I played in punk/metal bands most of my youth, and never started making chip music myself until about 2007. It was entirely by accident really, I was looking for a band called Skyfire on the internet, and stumbled on Sabrepulse’s song Skyfire Ace. I saw the release date on the track and thought wtf, people are still making this kind of music? I had some background using programs like FLStudio and Reason, but was a total noob when it came to tracking. It was like learning a whole new instrument, which was fun for me.

  • How do you go about your visuals?

Typically I’ll start by circuit bending some battery powered (plug and play) video games that I buy at second hand stores. They’re very inexpensive, usually 2-5 bucks. I’ll get a screw driver,gator clips, or some steel wool and just rub it all over the PCB boards until something cool happens. I record the resulting visuals and throw them into some VJ software (currently using Resolume 3). Then I usually like to layer in some video samples, horror, gore, anime, robots, etc… I’ll mess around with chroma key and effects until i get the results I’m looking for, then set all the clips and effects to a midi controller for live performance. I’ve also experimented with low res web cams and other cheap electronics and had good results.

  • How’s Bitmasters Netlabel going? What’s new on the cards?

Lately we’ve just been focusing on doing live events in the Toronto area. This year we started doing a bi-monthly event called Pixeldance, it’s been pretty fun so far. Also another compilation is in the works. Website is due for an overhaul but we’re still accepting demos,videos etc… Any artists wishing to have an album featured on the site or planning to be in the Toronto area should get in touch with us. bitmasters@hotmail.com or visit the site http://www.bitmasters-netlabel.com

  • What makes Canadian Chiptuners unique?

Hmmmmm…. I dunno…. I guess all the bacon and poutine we eat.

  • What’s the main draw for seeing deadbeatblast live?

I’m pretty high energy on stage, and I usually play un-released material at shows, just so people can expect to hear something new when they come out. Basically put a few beers in me and watch me go!

  • Tell us a little bit about your experience at Nuit Blanche 2011

Well, for people who don’t know #pq=nuit+blanche+2012&hl=en&cp=14&gs_id=u&xhr=t&q=nuit+blanche+toronto&pf=p&sclient=psy-ab&safe=active&source=hp&pbx=1&oq=nuit+blanche+t&aq=0&aqi=g4&aql=&gs_sm=&gs_upl=&fp=1&biw=1600&bih=1061&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&cad=b">Nuit Blanche is this lame art festival in Toronto.
A few years ago we started chiptuning on the streets during it. We started out with 3 guys. This year I think we had about 20 chip artists all performing in Toronto in the same night. We did shows out in front of city hall and in this ritzy movie theatre where the host the Toronto International Film Festival. People’s reviews online all said that the art exhibits sucked but the fucking chiptune guys rocked. I’d say that’s pretty accurate.

  • Where is the Chiptune scene headed?

Honestly I think a lot of chip artists are looking for a way to evolve their music into other genres. So in the future I expect to see a lot of us leaking into other music scenes, as well as more distinct styles. Chiptune will shift and change, but I doubt it will ever disappear. What I’d really like to see is more clubs putting on hardcore chip shows. Not the lame happy esque chipmusic, but the raw pounding electronic dance stuff.

  • Who is totally crushing in the scene right now?

LOL I’ve been so busy lately I wouldn’t know. But my personal favs would include Ultrasyd, Beastmode, Fighter X, Sabrepulse, Bit Shifter, and FantomenK.

  • What’s next for you, personally?

Hopefully finish some new tracks and get some touring in next summer. Life’s kinda been holding me back from doing all things I’d like to with chip music. It’s tough to stay motivated sometimes, so we’ll see…

  • What was your favorite Gameboy game?

It’s kinda of a tie for me between Kirby’s Dreamland and Links Awakening.

  • Do you play any modern games?

Starcraft 2 is the only game I’ve played recently, I stopped the console gaming at PS2.

New games will never have the magic like those old classics did. And I HATE the voice acting in newer games.

  • What Starcraft race do you play?

Terran. I really like Starcraft, it’s like a big crazy game of chess and I find it challenging. Always new people to play. I’ve even bumped into some DBB fans on their servers. ;) my user name on it is DEDBEATBLAST if anyone out there wants to play. Or they can add me using my email deadbeatblast@hotmail.com I’m always down for a quick game.





NC004 Released: NeX – Ataraxia

November 5, 2011 in NoiChan Release, Site News

Shortlink: noichan.org/nc004



This is the long awaited debut release from NeX himself. Ataraxia is the sound of 2 worlds breaking. It is the sound of fiddling while Rome burns. This airy trance masterpiece will cheer you up while depressing you. It will confuse and enlighten you. All tracks written and performed by NeX using Music, for the Sony Playstation.

NC003 Released: Starpilot – Registers

November 3, 2011 in NoiChan Release, Site News

Shortlink: noichan.org/nc003



NoiChan is proud to present Registers, by Starpilot. 43 minutes of deliciously avant-garde wizardry. Starpilot goes where most artists won’t, and crafts an amazingly beautiful soundscape with some harsh and unexpected sounds, while retaining the epic feeling and drive that he has become known for. This is a masterful piece of work by a true power player.

Also available at starpilot.bandcamp.com

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NoiChan Netlabel

October 29, 2011 in Site News

We’re looking for some top-notch releases to help kick off the netlabel. If you’re interested, please add your album links to the comments section or email me at persecutusasperati(at)gmail(dotcom)

We’re going to be pretty picky about this, so don’t take offense if your release isn’t what we’re looking for right now. We still love you anyway. We’ll only be accepting demo submissions for a limited time, so get on it.


~NoiChan Crew

NC002 Released: Freque – Girl with Butterfly

September 19, 2011 in NoiChan Release, Site News

Shortlink: noichan.org/nc002



lsdsng files included.

From pxl-bot.com: “A joint release of epic proportions, Noisechannel.org and Pxl-Bot join forces to deal you one heck of a release from Noisechannel.org founder, Freque.

Coated in beautiful melodies and addictive musical constructions, Freque spews out one hell of release on his debut solo effort, “Girl with Butterfly”. From the instance of the twisting and epic “U Had Me @ ASL”’s beginning, Freque lays his dance-coated hooks straight in underneath your skin where they intend to stay, right until the fist-pumping closer “Grzly Cntry” destroys your speakers with its heavy bass and gorgeous melodies.

What’s most impressive about this release is how Freque, rather inexplicably, has managed to craft a truly unique style and sound within his music, most obvious on the release’s title track. The almost jittering melodies and semi-quavered rolls really create something that can’t be heard anywhere else but on this record, pushing this fantastic artist into the limelight with a strong thrust. Somehow the music breathes empty space, whilst at the same time remaining heavily layered and constantly shifting.

This really is a fantastic piece of work.”

Also available on pxl-bot.com
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NoiChan – Downloads Activated

August 13, 2011 in Site News

You can now download audio by clicking into each specific song page.

Have fun! :D

NC001 Released: Zef – Ground Zero

July 29, 2011 in NoiChan Release, Site News

Shortlink: noichan.org/nc001



LSDJ .Sav files included with download.

Noisechannel.org is proud to present Ground Zero, a 4 track EP from Zef. The LSDJ source files are included. This is our first release as a netlabel, and rightfully so. Zef has undeniably set the bar very high, and this is the standard we hope to live up to. His work in LSDJ is no less than sorcery.

*Also available on Bitmasters Netlabel.