LSDJ Showdown 2013 – Prizes – updated

May 29, 2013 in News

Here they are people.

Gameboy mods and other bits

For first place this year, we’re very pleased to bring you a MidiBoy by NeX. It’s an all-yellow fully Midi gameboy with a switchable pitch bend, biverted backlight and flush prosound. If you haven’t seen one of these, then they are about as pimped as a Gameboy can get.

NeX MidiBoy - Showdown

Second prize is a prosound, backlit DMG, ’707′ hand sprayed by myself, Michael Television.

Michael Television '707' DMG

Third place is a clear green Kitsch-Bent case and gold plates and battery springs. Kitsch-Bent silicon start/select buttons, clear DMG buttons, prosound mod and an orange V2 backlight.

Kitsch-Bent kit, Michael Television mod

Fourth place is a clear blue Kitsch-Bent case and silver plates and battery springs. Kitsch-Bent silicon start/select buttons, Orange DMG d-pad, power switch and link port cover, orange DMG buttons, prosound mod and an orange V2 backlight.

Kitsch-Bent kit, Michael Television mod

Fifth place is a 64MB rewritable EMS cartridge. The top ten all receive a Luftek Micro USB to DMG adapter each. There are seven bundles of stickers, backplates, buttons, and bits & bobs too!

Additionally, I have some other components that’ll get thrown in for good measure. I have a few lovely things kicking around.

Thanks to our sponsors:

Kitsch-Bent logo

Luftek - store

NeX - store

Don’t forget to have a pop into these guys shops! Keep the music coming, chipsters.


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NoiChan Shop Back Online: ArduinoBoys Available

October 19, 2012 in Site News

The shop is back, as you can see in the main menu. You may purchase pre-assembled ArduinoBoys, ArduinoBoy Kits, and heavily modified MidiBoys. We also have modified PCBs. Supplies are limited. Hardware by NeX.

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by Freque

NoiChan Shop Appeared – MidiBoys Available

July 25, 2012 in Site News

We’ve launched the beta version of our shop. We are offering NeX issue MidiBoys and ArduinoBoys. Supplies are extremely limited. PayPal is accepted.

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by Freque

Theremin Hero on Britain’s Got Talent (Laser Harp + MidiBoy)

May 8, 2012 in Site News, Visual

That’s a NeX edition MidiBoy powering it. Totally confirmed. NoiChan FTW.

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Power Player #7: NeX

November 7, 2011 in Power Player

Editor's Note: Reprinted from CTUK Chiptune Focus.

NeX was 25 and living in Sweden at the time of this interview (Jun, 2011). When asked why he left the UK he said: “I moved about 2 years ago, my girlfriend is Swedish, visiting was costly and when I lost my job in the UK the only way I could see her was by moving, so I got in my car and drove.” NeX‘s gameboy modding is currently his main form of income. This interview was conducted in real time over a messenging service.

Freque: Are you into videogames?

NeX: hmm kinda, some games i get totally into, portal, halflife, quake, unreal tournament, dead space, need for speed undercover, and then just mini games. thats about it

Freque: Give me a little background, how old were you when you started modifying electronics?

NeX: thats a bit difficult really, i have been interested ever since i can remember, i used a computer (windows 3.1) when i had to stand on the seat to reach the keyboard! (i remember because i fell off and smashed my lip lol) but i used to fix people’s VCRs and stuff like that when i was in primary school (12 years old maximum) i did little electronics like lights and buzzers etc, i do remember actually modding a gameboy, i put an electronic key lock on it so you had to use a key to turn it on. but i didn’t really mod existing stuff until later, about 15/16 when i built custom computers with fancy lights, and then moved on to custom cars, and then when i moved to Sweden i didn’t have the money for cars so i picked up on electronics and gameboys again (found my old gameboys in the move) and thats really when i learned the majority of my electronics knowledge, in the last 4 years or so

Freque: how closely related is what you do to the circuit bending movement? Are you inspired by circuit benders?

NeX: well i think what i say might upset some people lol, i am not a massive fan of circuit bending because its kinda “fake” electronics and there is no real skill to it. it has its place and its great that people get interested in electronics with it (it can be kinda fun too) but what i do is all planned, so there is no experimenting with random contacts etc, i know what will happen and what each bit does, (especially after building a gameboy from scratch) but i know a lot of circuit benders and i have no problem with what they do, i have built some circuit bent stuff for people and its been fun, but generally i stick to planned and engineered electronics.

Freque: There’s rumors floating around that you have top-secret hardware schematics for the gameboy, any comment on that?

NeX: lol erm, well i have lots of paperwork notes from reverse engineering the gameboy, but its more for my personal use. i have pin outs for the gameboy pocket CPU, the details for how DMG and pocket screens work and how they can be swapped over etc, and i have built some detailed guides on building arduinoboys and building midi gameboys which were originally for me to keep my work constant but i have made so many now i don’t use them. i do have plans to post it all on the net, but as that could have an effect on my already small business i haven’t bothered yet.

Freque: How do you feel about the current state of the chiptune scene? What are you hoping to achieve by working with

NeX: i suppose its like any other developing interest, the people from the beginning like the fact they are part of something special and hate the idea of it becoming main stream, this is true of chip music, it is not widely known or even excepted and there are a few involved that want to keep it that way, but art is meant to be shared, and by opening up chip music more will allow more musicians to get involved and possibly more money behind it which would increase the number of great tracks. of course this also means an increase in the number of bad ones too and i think that is what people are afraid of but hopefully with this new forum chip music will move on to something more publicly accepted and i would love the idea that some of my work would get used by the big names in chip music too, that would be a real honour.

Freque: I still haven’t seen an LSDJ track from you. Do you prefer the role of engineer over frontman?

NeX: lets just say i am better at electronics than music! i have made a couple of tracks with LSDJ, but they are not something i feel comfortable in making public, in fact none of my music is, but then again if nobody else hears it, it does make it a bit of a waste of time. the difference is i know how people feel about my gameboys but not about my music, and the critique from the few friends who have heard my music has not been great. it doesn’t really bother me as i do it for fun, i enjoy making music and making gameboys, but only one of those i get anything back from. but my plan was to really concentrate on a decent LSDJ track once my big gameboy project is finished (it involves a lot of effects and sync tricks parts of which i have already made public) but its i big project and a long way from finished and actually building custom gameboys for people has forced me to put it on hold. the idea was that all the effects would cover the lack of talent lol

Freque: Your RGB Gameboy video has spawned a wide variety of reactions, how long did that project take?

NeX: the RGB gameboy was the last big project i worked on and the last gameboy i built for myself. its difficult to say how long it took as i did some testing with the backlight first, then some planning, which evolved into putting every single mod i could think of into one gameboy, then i spent a few weeks writing the code, then i built the gameboy on and off over about a month and a half, then i had some problems which i hadn’t anticipated (i was expecting to run out of space, but instead i ran out of power to run everything) but eventually i got it working, and then went back to it later to add more stuff.

the final version ended up having 3 pro sounds (3.5mm, 1.4″ and RCAs) the normal headphone jack including filter board, full arduinoboy midi, super gameboy CPU, pocket gameboy screen, biverted RGB backlight, two front RGB case lights and two back RGB case lights and a third RGB LED under the D pad, as well as two self strobing LEDs, all of which were controlled by a second arduino, pitch bent mod, as well as under and over clocking crystals, clear buttons, my custom 25way expansion port for remote LCD data and controls it can also be used to change the programs on the arduinos (there is a small switch in the battery compartment to switch between the arduinos). there was also a PS/2 socket for the LSDJ keyboard mode, small things like removing the text from the shell to allow more of the light to be seen a low battery light (from Kitschbent) a modified power regulator to cope with the power problems, heavily modified PCBs to make the space, and finally i added a wireless bluetooth prosound with an extendable aerial. also one of the key aspects was to avoid anything sticking out of the bottom half of the gameboy so it would take my nuby reverb box.

Freque: Hmmm, does this image mean anything to you?

NeX: That is the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. It was used mainly in quantum mechanics because there is a lot of parts to quantum physics that don’t fit with normal physics, making them difficult to measure or predict, the formula is used like a floating point. the classic example of this theory is a cat in a box in which that cat has a 50/50 chance of being alive or dead, but without someone looking in to check, the cat is held in a state between those two outcomes.

Freque: Haha! Thank you for your time, NeX!

NeX: no problem

NeX’s Debut Release

Nex’s Modblog

(Originally published July 3, 2011)

NC004 Released: NeX – Ataraxia

November 5, 2011 in NoiChan Release, Site News




This is the long awaited debut release from NeX himself. Ataraxia is the sound of 2 worlds breaking. It is the sound of fiddling while Rome burns. This airy trance masterpiece will cheer you up while depressing you. It will confuse and enlighten you. All tracks written and performed by NeX using Music, for the Sony Playstation.

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Rare Interview with NeX

July 3, 2011 in News

Freque interviews NeX for CTUK Chiptune Focus.