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July 18, 2013 at 1:54 pm #11142
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Hello, everyone. My name is Nathan, from OKC. I’m new to using NoiChan and this is basically my first post (also the same first post I wrote for ucollective, but it works). It is great to be a member of such an awesome website dedicated to the promotion of chip music. Here is a little bit of background on me.

I discovered the chip music scene from 8bc back in Fall of 2010, my junior year of college. I was a music composition major and ended up graduating in Spring 2013 with my bachelor’s degree in it. I lurked 8bc like a hawk and discovered some of my favorite artists that way, including Sabrepulse, IAYD, Disasterpeace, Fighter X, Electric Children, Trey Frey, and more. I first downloaded the full version of LSDJ 4.0 (I think it was?) and used my emulator, but got absolutely nowhere. Part of it was being lazy, a huge chunk of it was the intimidation I felt from a very heavy classical music school. That, and broadway musicals, I felt were all that they cared about. My senior year I finished my first piece on LSDJ, using a Gameboy and cart this time around, and it was written with the intent to say, “fuck this, I’m a composer and I’ll write whatever I damn well please.” So I did. People liked it. I’ve writing chip music ever since, as well as more commercial music (I’m working on a short film score for a friend of mine now). I plan to write commercial music, specifically video game music as my career of choice from here on out.

That’s my long winded story. It is nice to meet you all!

July 18, 2013 at 3:19 pm #11143
Avatar of mikeeteevee

Hallo and welcome dude. I hope you enjoy using the site. Don’t forget we have music, video, picture chat and webcam chat built in. Go wild. Have fun.

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