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December 25, 2012 at 6:35 pm #9283
Avatar of wailord

i would like to participate but after playing in deflemask and using the vrc7 add on to famitracker i realize i dunno what frequency modulation is.

[posted 1 hedgehog when provoked]
December 26, 2012 at 8:29 am #9289
Avatar of marcb0t

Greetings Nuclace,

The most basic way of inserting drums in your song would be to insert an 8 or 16-bit MONO Wave file. Go to the “Samples” tab in VGE, and click the open folder icon next to the list that says “empty” all the way down. Then open up a MONO .wav file with your desired drum.

On FM channel 6, on the FX portion, enter “S00″. (0 as in zero). If you loaded a bass drum sound in the first empty space in the Samples tab, then you will immediately hear a bass drum. You can adjust the pitch and also the gain/volume of the sample in the Samples section.

The other way to insert drums is to use FM drums like Jredd is working on doing. Check out the most recent song I posted on this thread and snag the FM bass drum I used from the “Instruments” Tab.

I hope that helps. You can find all this in the VGMM manual if you have it.

Wailord, Wikipedia has a wealth of information about FM synthesis and there are other great sites on the topic. However, the best way to learn what FM is and what it’s really capable of is to just dive right in and have fun. Genesis FM is more powerful that VRC7, and has very unique sound qualities, and much more flexible.

In a nutshell, FM synthesis uses two or more frequencies to disrupt and change each other. Much like in real life, everyone’s voice is different because the way our throats, head cavities, and respitory systems are designed. The air makes different sounds because of the disruptions in your vocal chords and head cavities interacting to make your unique voice. Two synthesised sounds can be made to effect each other as well. That’s the basic premise, though there’s much more.

I’ve got to go, so I hope this is helpful to everyone!


December 26, 2012 at 10:11 pm #9290
Avatar of marcb0t

Hi Nuclace,

Here’s a bunch of drum presets I stole from TFM Maker. They are FM instruments you should be able to universally load from VGM Music Maker. You may have to play the sound really low or really high depending on the preset in order to get the desired sound.

and here are some high quality MONO samples that can be used in VGMM. Some of them may not be MONO, but just simply convert them in a DAW like Wavosaur (easy and lightweight program). There are some drumloop samples as well.

Wailord, do you have the program VGM Music Maker? That’s what we’ve been using on this thread. It’s really hard to get if you don’t have it now. I’ll post a link here for you to download… the latest version so you don’t have to waste your time on Google:

Nuclace, the instruction manual doesn’t work with the newest VGMM edition, so I stuck a working manual in the program download incase you’re interested. There’s a lot of handy information that will make production way easier. Also, some of my prototype songs are in there as well. You are welcome to pick them apart and play with them.

Again, I hope this is all helpful, and I look forward to hearing some funky new grooves.

Take care,

December 30, 2012 at 3:58 pm #9311
Avatar of NUCLACE

thanks a bunch marcbot that was very helpful! :3

does anyone know if there’s a mac version of this software in the deep web somewhere?

January 3, 2013 at 7:03 pm #9332
Avatar of marcb0t


There is no mac version of VGMM, unfortunately. However, Deflemask has a Mac OSX version in the works. A cheap PC at Goodwill could cost around $20 to $50 dollars if in a real pinch, at least from what I’ve seen. I’m a poverty stricken robot, by the way. :)

Maybe a windows emulator?

Oh well… how’s you’re song progress so far? FM 2612 is so delicate and precise for certain sounds (especially making drums). I had a cool FM snare drum sound, and tweaked the Decay by one notch forward and back, and it was a completely different weird sound.

I’m going to post a little sample of something I’m working on soon.

Take care,


January 3, 2013 at 7:21 pm #9333
Avatar of marcb0t

Hi Jredd, and everyone on this board,

Here’s a little something I’m playing with.

It’s called “Passage to Motabia”, and is going to be a VGMM remix of Phantasy Star 2 music. It starts off with the tune called “Advanced” which is like a high tech dungeon theme. The plan is to use the whole parts of every tune, and have them tastefully lead into each other.

It doesn’t sound too good right now, but there’s much work to be done. I wanted to show you guys this because of my technique.

1. Special Mode Usage – I’m using channel 3 to make the background chords using Multi Frequency Mode. This frees up at least 2 additional FM Channels, and has a cool chilling sound with the simple sine waves. ;)

2. Drums are ALL in 1 single FM Channel, although I could probably add a little bass drum in the Bassline channel in order to have the Bass drum play simultaneously with the FM snare. More tweaking to be done.

So far I’ve used NO wave samples or PSG, but I plan to add these in the future.

Jredd, feel free to have fun with this and tweak the drum sounds. I’d enjoy hearing your musical thoughts on this one.

I was thinking of maybe adding this to the RPG Album as a special ending track, and also having another ending track be a Genesis remix of the Dark World theme from Zelda III: a Link to the Past (for SNES).

Could you send me the ONWARD vge file? The instruments in that would be perfect for the Zelda remix, I think.

Alright, have fun guys,


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